Friday, February 17, 2012


Cvlt Nation has published a post today which previews all of Faith Coloccia's artwork for the Mamiffer & Locrian collaborative album. Go here if you'd like to investigate further.

In related news, the 2xLP, CD and cassette versions of that album will all be available for mailorder starting next week direct from the SIGE Records store, or from the other entities involved in this release: Profound Lore, Land of Decay and Utech Records. Also available from the SIGE store starting next week will be the new solo album from Jussi Lehtisalo "Interludes for Prepared Beast" on cassette, and the Utech Records Fest/KFJC 2xCD with full live sets from Mamiffer, House of Low Culture, Horseback, Locrian, William Fowler Collins, etc. Below is a clip from the Lehtisalo solo album. Thank you.


Behradeth said...

Lehitaso's album seems a lot interesting, judging by the preview which I've heard for a couple of times. But I can't for Mamiffer & Locrian. :)

Too bad I don't live in USA to get a first look at the albums. :(

By the way, does SIGE ship accept shipments to other countries in Asia too?

gking said...

me gusta

Unknown said...

Mamiffer & Locrian is going to be an album of monumental epic proportions. The anticipation is killing me.