Tuesday, April 27, 2010


above: images from the layout for the forthcoming 2xLP version of GREYMACHINE's "disconnected" (due out on SIGE in may). to be printed as a two color silkscreen (white and silver 877) on black paper jackets and inserts with hand stamped labels.

also: the twilight album "monument to time end" has been officially released as of yesterday. more on that here.


good: negura bunget "maiestrit", jawbreaker "unfun", fenn o 'berg "in stereo", "the creation of patriarchy" gerda lerner, xasthur "portal of sorrow", bohren & der club of gore "dolores", the bug "london zoo", "hellblazer: last man standing" paul jenkins & sean phillips, "el borbah" charles burns, etc

Monday, April 26, 2010


above: layout images from the forthcoming ISIS/MELVINS split 12". i supplied the illustrations, mackie osborne completed the layout. the 12" is intended to be released to coincide with the upcoming isis and melvins tours, during part of which the 2 bands will be touring together. if all goes with smoothly with print and vinyl production this plan will become actuality...

Monday, April 5, 2010

new drawings 04/2010

above: new drawings for forthcoming isis/melvins split 12" (due out on hhr may 2010).

also - craig dongoski (collaborator in/creator of drawing voices) has a new website containing info on and portions of his multimedia works which you can view here.

listening: virus "the black flux" , horseback "the invisible mountain", blut aus nord "memoria vetusta II", lasse marhaug "beauty without mercy", etc.