Wednesday, May 22, 2013


This weekend I'll be at the Hydra Head office in Los Angeles along with fellow employee James O'Mara (and other HHR associates), hosting a yard sale to clear out our space before we close the shutters there for good. We'll be selling off a lot of our overstock CDs, LPs and shirts at very cheap prices, along with a lot of Hydra Head, ISIS and related rarities from my personal archivee. In addition I'll also be offering a big chunk of my personal collection of records, shirts and prints - mostly metal, experimental and hardcore stuff, but some other oddities as well. This event/sale part of the cleansing process to make the move out of LA financially/logistically feasible, and part of the continued effort to raise funds for the label.

Hydra Head is not shutting down completely. The label can no longer afford to have an office location in Los Angeles, so the operation is splitting up into smaller satellite stations. James O'Mara and Andrew Cox will continue to work for HHR in a more limited capacity from their respective domestic base camps. I will be running the "main office" out of my forest compound in the Puget Sound. Though it seems unlikely that'll we'll be able to put out new records any time soon, we have managed to produce a few vinyl reissues this year (with a few more to come), and clear out a good portion of our accrued debt. We have a long ways to go, the road has been strewn with sizable obstacles, but thanks to the massive support from many folks from all over, and from our (very patient) roster of artists, the future is definitely looking a little less grim. Hydra Head has been an extremely important part of my life for almost 20 years now, and I feel very grateful that it is able to continue, even in its currently diminished form.

We're definitely saddened by having to close our LA HQ, but we're looking forward to seeing any and all that make the effort to come in and wave goodbye in person. Thanks to everyone who's supported us over the last 6 months and the last 18 years! Hope to be seeing some of you in the coming days.

For more specifics on the HHR yard sale please go here. For further pics of what will be on hand that day please go here.

Friday, May 17, 2013


Above: rehearsal for tomorrow's House of Low Culture show in Seattle.

House of Low Culture
Saturday, May 18th, 8 pm
The Crocodile, Seattle

Thank you.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


House of Low Culture is briefly emerging from hibernation for a one-off performance opening for our friends Boris, this Saturday (05/18) in Seattle at The Crocodile. We're playing a new 30 minute piece as the duo configuration of Aaron Turner/Faith Coloccia. We're also going to attempt to record a version of this piece at some point soon for release later in the year.


In mostly unrelated news, SIGE Records has a new release out - a 2xLP/CS+ DVD by Daniel Menche entitled "Vilke". The album was officially released in stores yesterday (05/14) and is also available directly from the SIGE webstore. You can check out a track from the record here, and a video for it here. For further information please visit the SIGE homepage.

Speaking of Daniel, Faith and I have a new collaborative work in progress with him, some or all of which should see the light of day this year. We're not exactly sure under what name the project will be presented, but the first volume of the project - one longform track intended to be a single LP - is now complete and release is pending. More info on that soon.


Currently enjoying: Tony Conrad with Faust "Outside the Dream Syndicate Alive", Ancestors "III", Kill the Thrill "Tellurique", Nihilist - discography, Steve R Smith "The Anchorite", Oneirogen "Veni Nox Anima",  etc.

Sunday, May 5, 2013


Currently enjoying: Pan Sonic "Kesto", Daniel Menche "Creatures of Cadence", Iannis Xenakis "Persepolis" and "Polytope de Cluny", Mournful Congregation "June Frost", Beherit "Beast of Beherit", Richard Skelton "Black Combe", William Fowler Collins "Tenebroso", Nihill "Woestenij", being outdoors....