Thursday, August 19, 2010

JESU "heartache & dethroned" preview images

above: several pieces from the layout for the LP version of the forthcoming jesu release "heartache & dethroned".

original photos were provided by jk broadrick, the color treatments done by faith coloccia and final layout completed by me. the jacket is a gatefold 2xLP sleeve to be printed on uncoated recycled stock with a spot metallic ink (pantone 8624) for all text/logos/etc. the album is comprised of the "heartache" ep first released in 2004 (and long since out of print), and also includes the "dethroned" ep - originally recorded around the same time as "heartache" but only recently unearthed and completed. release date for both vinyl and the CD (as well as digital) is nov 16.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

SUNN Model T Auction

above: the sunn model T amplifier i want to sell (with emperor road case - cat not included in).

due to an ongoing move and a need to lighten my load, i'm looking to sell off the sun model T pictured above. it is a vintage mid 70s model (NOT a reissue) with the mid range selector switch. it has 4 KT88 power tubes recently installed, is in great working condition and comes with a custom made emperor road case. i used this amp on a couple os isis tours and recordings, but beyond that it has been carefully stored and seldom used since i have owned it. i have no set asking price but will sell to the highest bidder. as with other auctions i've done through this site please leave a comment with your bid and email address - all bids will be kept private. i will post public comments to keep everyone participating updated on the bidding and get in touch with the winner at the end of this week. i would prefer to sell it to someone located in the los angeles area who is willing to come pick it up, but i will ship it out of state if necessary - please keep in mind that shipping will be an additional cost on top of your bid if you live out of state and that cost will be determined by your location and preferred method of shipping. thank you....

thanks also to everyone who participated in the mamiffer/pyramids auction which has now ended. for those of you that won and paid for items in the auction your "prizes" will be sent out next week.

lastly, the feral pig webstore is inching ever closer to completion. more on that very soon...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

MAMIFFER album completion and auction

above: pictures of the various people and places involved in the making of the new mamiffer album...

last september mamiffer began tracking material for a new album, and finally after almost a year of on-and-off work it is nearly complete. all that's left is the mastering of the audio with the album artwork to follow shortly thereafter. outside of the core members (faith coloccia and aaron turner) the album includes numerous contributions from a large cast of people starting with randall dunn who produced and engineered the recording with assistance from mell dettmer. other folks whocontributed their time and talents include: don mcgreevy (master musicians of bukkake, ex-earth), eyvind kang, travis rommereim, joe preston (thrones, etc), sera timms (black math horseman), jussi lehtisalo and mika ratto (circle), aaron harris (isis), jessika kenney, parvaneh daneshvar, timba harris (secret chiefs 3), brian cook (these arms are snakes, botch), and moriah neils. there's no set release date or title for the album yet, but as all the pieces come together we'll make the information available. in the meantime the mamiffer/oakeater and mamiffer/house of low culture splits are in the works and should be out in october/november on vinyl via SIGE (with a CD version of the HOLC split on utech).

below: pictures and info on the mamiffer auction which includes the pyramids "wvndrkmmr" box set (to which mamiffer contributed an exclusive track) and some very special customized mamiffer shirts....

in other mamiffer related news we've got a little auction here we'd like to commence. we've got 2 copies left of the pyramids "wvndrkmmr" 5xCS box to which mamiffer contributed a track (along with many others including burial hex, oakeater, fear falls burning, etc). to include with these box sets we have some maggot-customized mamiffer t-shirts.... these shirts were briefly inhabited by a mouse, the mouse tried to chew it's way through the shirts, died in the process and then became host to a brood of maggots which was discovered when we unfurled the shirts at a recent mamiffer show with altar of plagues. the shirts are now also being nature-customized, receiving treatments from northwestern sun, airborne grit and pollen, and morning dew. we also have a few of the shirts to sell separately for any brave souls who are hardy enough to clad themselves in the might and rot of nature. for those interested in the auction please leave your email address, preferred shirt size, and bid in the comments section on this blog. we'll take the two highest bidders for the box set shirt combo, and basically any offers on the remaining shirts. please specify whether your bid is for a shirt of the shirt/box combo. there will be an additional shipping charge of $15 for anyone that lives outside the US, so please keep that in mind if you live elsewhere. we will also include some custom/hand drawn artwork for the winners of the box/shirt set as added incentive. we're going to accept bids for the next 10 days at which point we will notify the winners and close the auction. bids will be kept private and will not be posted for public viewing in the comments section....

below: artwork for mamiffer t-shirt included in the above mentioned auction (front and back).