Tuesday, August 21, 2012


*Photo by Dante Torrieri

New Jodis track "Silent Temple" streaming courtesy of Tiny Mix Tapes. Go here to listen. Also note another William Fowler Collins track premiere at the same location...

As previously mentioned the "Black Curtain" CD/LP will be coming out Oct 2nd via Hydra Head. SIGE Records will also be releasing a double cassette from Jodis on Oct 16th which will contain both "Black Curtain" as well as the debut album "Secret House". The cassette box will include new/modified artwork by Faith Coloccia, complete lyrics, and the vinyl only bonus track from "Secret House".

Thank you.

Monday, August 20, 2012


photo by Faith Coloccia

Sat. Sep 1st: "A Slow Unravelling" at Human Resources Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. A presentation of Volume and Vacation VinylShow begins at 8 pm, entrance is free. Performances by:

Hive Mind 

WIlliam Fowler Collins + Aaron Turner
Steve Roden
Marc Manning

As mentioned in a previous post, William Fowler Collins and I have begin work on a collaborative recording project. This will be our live debut as a duo and we'll be performing modified versions of some of the material from our initial recording sessions. William will also be joining Old Man Gloom on the road for our west coast tour which begins two days after this event. His new album "Tenebroso" is out now, you can preview a track from it here.

Thank you.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Above: layout pieces from the LP version of the forthcoming Jodis album "Black Curtain" - CD/LP due out Oct 2nd via Hydra Head. Photography by Faith Coloccia. Sound samples coming soon...

Intake:  Mauser "Isolation", Helm "Impossible Symmetry", Diamanda Galas "Divine Punishment", Kathy Acker "Blood and Guts in High School", Philip K Dick "Martian Time Slip",  Christian Cosmos "Enthronement by God...", Nihill "Verdonkermaan", Thomas Köner "Novaya Zemlya", Keränen "Moon Over Torrelorca", Menace Ruine "The Die is Cast", KTL "V", Alleypisser "Sult"...