Sunday, October 24, 2010


for anyone that happens to be in istanbul during the week of oct 30-nov 7, i'll have a small selection of drawings as a part of the exhibition listed above. thanks to ibrahim and baracca for asking me to be a part of this. more information can be found here.

enjoyment: autumnal feelings, cave in "white silence", secret chiefs 3 "book m", forest foraging, zola jesus "valusia", alice in chains "dirt", philip jeck "an ark for listeners", garth ennis "preacher" book 1, "the portable jung", jawbreaker "bivouac", fugazi "steady diet of nothing", lungfish "sound in time"....

Friday, October 8, 2010


above: front/back cover and interior images for the forthcoming mamiffer/house of low culture split LP. both the front and back cover are the work of are mokkelbost (ION, Omni #4, paper collage - more info below).

the mamiffer/holc split LP is finally nearing completion with a projected release date of novemeber 23rd. sige has the vinyl and jackets in production for the LP, and utech has all the parts in the works for the CD version as well. the cover art shown above comes courtesy of norwegian artist/musician are mokkelbost. his work as a visual artist as well as a participant in various musical projects is exceptional and certainly merits investigation by any who are unfamiliar with his output - check it out here. i'd like to take this opportunity to thank him for allowing us to use his wonderful piece for this project - it adds further depth and excitement to a record already of great personal significance to me.

yes!: nirvana "bleach", xela "the divine" and "the illuminated", alan moore "promethea" vol v, autumn on vashon, richard skelton "landings", xasthur "defective epitaph", paysage d'hiver "winterkaelte", virus "the black flux", etc.

Friday, October 1, 2010


finally, many weeks after announcing that it'd "soon" be open, the feral pig webstore is finally live and open for business. you can visit it here. wherever possible i've tried to include any relevant info on the items in the store, including original release dates, pull quotes from various sources, etc. while the total number of items available is fairly minimal at the moment, over the course of the coming months a lot of other items will be added including some art prints, new t-shirt designs, more vinyl, and various albums i have been in some way involved with (including stuff now out of print). thanks to all at BCD for helping facilitate this project as well as any of you that investigate further.

i'd also like to take his opportunity to draw your attention to some creative entities which don't often get the credit they deserve, those being a selection of record labels that are working hard to put great music (often accompanied with stunning visuals) into the hands, hearts and ears of many. while i'm leaving out a ton of deserving folks, a few of the labels whose productions i'm thoroughly enjoying include: utech records, touch recordings, type recordings, dekorder, taiga records, ektro records, norma evangelium diaboli .... if you happen to be unfamiliar with any/all of these, please take a gander at the various sites above. all the aforementioned have ben responsible for producing records i have found enjoyable and inspiring on numerous levels and i thank them for making the world of music more interesting....