Tuesday, December 30, 2008


from top to bottom:

-pancake - new addition to the clan as of xmas 2008
-isis in the studio - contemplating snacks while "listening" to mixes
-isis in the studio - the reliable series of masks
-isis in the studio - maintenance
-isis in the studio - aaron harris hitting some things
(isis studio photos: faith coloccia)

someone asked about a title for the new isis song that we "debuted" in our live set on our recent trip to europe. since there are already some lo-fi videos of this on youtube i figured we could share the title: "20 minutes/40 years". so that's that. i'll spill more as the time gets closer. all tracking is finished at this point, 6 or the 8 songs are mixed. closing in on it. artwork to commence shortly.

holiday cheer: pancake + robot + orange, xasthur "all reflections drained", krallice s/t, cat power "jukebox", desert christmas, T.R. vs the GZA, TJ's chocolate covered peppermint jo jo's, the golden noose around my neck, lustmord "other", boris "smile", james hollis "under saturn's shadow", dreams of flight, yoga songs from split with ghäst, etc.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

TORCHE 12" etc

above - images form the forthcoming torche 12" ep. top to bottom: front cover with sticker (black ink on gold metallic foil stock), back cover, A + B side LP labels. the photos were supplied by reed segovia and mark thompson, and the background watercolors were made by faith coloccia.

a quick response to comments left in regards to the last post about the election of barack obama and my related enthusiasm: to clarify, i don't think obama is a savior of the world or even the US, nor do i believe him to be perfect. i don't believe that all or most of the massive problems we currently face (globally and nationally), will be solved quickly and cleanly in the next 2, 4 or even 8 years. that said, i do believe that obama is a far sight better than what we've suffered over the last 8 years, and certainly can't make things worse than they already are - and even provides a formidable prospect of improvement. i am perfectly aware that he is fairly middle of the road as far as his record is concerned, as was the rhetoric espoused during his campaign, and also as exemplified by his choices for his cabinet. he is however the first presidential candidate in my lifetime (to have had a real shot at the presidency), that i have found in any way inspiring or truly promising. considering there was widespread slavery in the US a little over 100 years ago, and rigid segregation in many parts of the country well into the 1960s, the election of barack obama is a significant statement in historical terms for that reason alone. another important aspect that i've considered in regards to prospect of an obama presidency is this: while a really radical shift is needed on many levels in this country, it is highly unlikely that a candidate with equally radical views would and could be elected to the presidential office. obama may be able to affect at least some perceptible level of change due to the fact that he IS fairly middle of the road and therefor won't draw continual and vehement resistance from the right. it's inevitable that the post election enthusiasm will wane and a visible degree of cynicism will set in once he takes office - the reality of his presidency cannot possibly live up to the idealistic expectations that many have pinned on him. there is a long hard road from this point forward towards a recognizable degree of ascendence, but i remain optimistic that obama is a truly capable catalyst for raising us up a good measure from the depths we're in which we're currently treading.