Saturday, November 8, 2008

cause for celebration

it's a few days after the fact now, but i just wanted to express my profound elation in regards to the election of barack obama. like many other people of my generation this seems to be one of the only truly positive socio-political events to occur during our lifetimes, and perhaps the paramount one - at least as far as this country is concerned. as i watched the poll results roll in i felt a greater sense of joy than i would have even imagined possible in the final moments of a presidential race, and that feeling grew even more pronounced when his victory was declared. i was lucky enough to be able to share these moments with others who are not only dear to me, but shared similar feelings of happiness and great relief - my girlfriend, brother, and my sister-in-law (as well as a good many other folks via phone and text message). all were in agreement that this was a profoundly moving and important occasion, perhaps unlike any other we had known.

though obama has certainly been handed one enormous pile of shit to shovel (far more than any other president in the last few decades), he seems more than capable of the job, formidable as it is. i've never had much confidence or enthusiasm about any major US politician (let alone president), and perhaps i'm pinning too much hope on our new president elect, but if he does even half of what he has proposed, our currently dismal situation can only improve from here on out.

thank you mr. obama for providing a glimmer of light in this uncertain age. thank you to everyone who helped make this possibility a reality.