Tuesday, May 29, 2012


(Old Man Gloom photo by Jason Hellmann)

- "Common Species", a track from the new Old Man Gloom album is now streaming on Pitchfork. Go here to hear.

- Mamiffer will be playing a show with Oren Ambarchi and Daniel Menche in Portland, OR on June 18th at Holocene. Here is the flyer.

- The second Jodis album "Black Curtain" is finally complete (really!). Official release date to be announced shortly.

- SIGE Records has a new release now available: "Constantinople", the debut full length from Ides of Gemini. Go here for more. SIGE will also be releasing a new full length from Menace Ruine later this year.

Thank you.


Vital supplements: Tragedy - live, Entombed "Clandestine", Ascension "With Burning Tongues", Infinity Window "Artificial Midnight", "Martian Time-Slip" Philip K Dick, MGLA "With Hearts Towards None", Virus "Carheart", Scott Walker "Tilt", Circle "Taantumas", Jussi Lehtisalo "Interludes for Prepared Beast", Oren Ambarchi "Audience of One", etc.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Above: images from the LP layout for the Old Man Gloom album "NO".

The drawings made for this are based on original monographs by Faith Coloccia. I made collages from that set of drawings with added textures from various sources. Faith created the type treatments and assisted with the design as well. The LP version is a regular/non-gatefold jacket, with an oversized 11" x 11" booklet, all on uncoated stock. The tour version of the LP substituted a xerox insert in place of the booklet, and had hand stamped labels as well. The "official" release date for the regular LP as well as the CD and cassette is June 26th via Hydra Head Records. Pre-order for that is up now.

Also - massive gratitude to everyone who attended and played the recent Old Man Gloom shows on the East Coast. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and appreciate everyone who helped make the tour possible. Thank you.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Old Man Gloom has a new album. It's called "NO". It will be available as of tomorrow, that is Wednesday May 2nd. For the time being it will be available only at the Old Man Gloom live shows happening this month. On June 26th "NO" be widely available through the usual channels. Audio and full art previews coming soon, and in the meantime there's this.

Thank you.