Tuesday, July 28, 2009

new drawings: boris/torche split

above: 3 illustrations for the forthcoming boris/torche split ep. the split is to be released in the US on cd/10" vinyl via hydra head records, and on cd in japan by daymare records (with alternate artwork by fangsanalsatan)....

nutritive: aura noir " black thrash attack", extended bed rest, mz.412 "burning the temple of god", tim hecker "an imaginary country", rätto ja lehtisalo "pari lepakkoa transylvaniassa", daughters - new album (holy shit!), local's spicy fries, shane mehling's reviews for decibel, wold "imperator", kreng "l'autopsie phenomenale de dieu", backyard lawn therapy....

Friday, July 17, 2009

poster by neely, caretaker, GM cassette, notes from the end of the road


1. poster by tom neely for the final show of the isis 2009 US summer tour. tom is a good man and a good artist. this poster was a great way to end the tour poster series and simultaneously announce our (subjectively) triumphant homecoming. tom is also responsible for the "treehead" t-shirt/sweatshirt design we were selling on the above mentioned tour as well as the european tour that preceded it. for more info on tom please check out his blog in the above right links section >

2. cover for a greymachine "vultures descend" cassette single to be given away with copies of the forthcoming greymachine album via orders placed through the hydra head webstore. the audio is the same as the material featured on the limited 12" of the same name. design by james o'mara. CD version of the album (+ cassette) available for preorder soon.

3. james o'mara + orange + robot. james works for hydra head. he is also a great man. robot and orange live in my house and are looked after by james when i am on tour. for this service (and a great many others), i am eternal indebted to james. thanks jimmy.

currently in helsinki on the eve of the final isis show in our summer european tour. we've played a handful of festivals (furia, roskilde, dour, etc), and a small number of club dates with our friend and fellow noisemaker destructo swarmbots in tow. thanks to DS, our road crew, and all those who willingly (or not so willingly), came to listen to our music. we enjoyed ourselves for the most part as hopefully the audiences did too, saw some other great bands/artists perform, and had some amusing/exciting adventures with swimming, soccer, and italian border guards. a well deserved break for isis will follow this tour, though a good many things will surely be accomplished by the various members in the interim between this tour and the next which will follow in the late fall....

while on the road the following have been enjoyed/absorbed: destructo swarmbots - live and in the van, oakenthrone vol 6 - magazine + CD compilation, phonophoni "oak or rock", "valis" by philip k. dick, "the filth" by grant morrison, "hellblazer: rake at the gates of hell" by garth ennis and steve dillon, new material by torche and xasthur and boris, arvo pärt "triodion", circle "prospect", etc...

Saturday, July 4, 2009


above: various stages of the jodis "secret house" album art... i worked on the drawings and layouts, faith coloccia provided photos.

this one went through a number of versions, so i thought i'd share a few steps along the way. the final versions are now solidified for the CD and LP forthcoming on hydra head, and each differ slightly from each other. there may be a third version as well if the album is released in japan or any other territories outside the US. next up on my to do list are drawings for the US version of the forthcoming boris/torche split CD/10" - a collaborative release between daymare records japan and hydra head records in the us. more on that as info becomes available.

on tour again with isis - this time in europe. one show done, 11 more to go. so far so good.

last but not least, thanks to all the people that posted/emailed their congratulations about the recent engagement between faith coloccia and i. we are both very grateful for your kind words and generous spirits - thank you all!

sustenance on the road: philip k. dick "valis", M.D.G/E, alan moore "league of extraordinary gentlemen: 1910", "mome" vol 11, etc....