Friday, December 26, 2014


Above: some of the musical highlights of 2014 - Circle "Leviatan", The Austerity Program "Beyond Calculation", Mutoid Man "Helium Head", Dirk Serries "XXI-XXV, Godflesh "A World Lit Only by Fire", Heretic Cult Redeemer - s/t, Dead Congregation "Promulgation of the Fall", Altar of Flies - s/t, Trepaneringsritualen "Perfection & Permanence", Wormlust "Feral Wisdom", Black to Comm - s/t, Bob Mould "Beauty & Ruin", Thantifaxath "Sacred White Noise", Baptists "Bloodmines", Allegory Chapel Ltd "Resurrection", Bolzer "Soma", Kriegsmachine "Enemy of Man", Russell Haswell "Conceptual Noise", Hildur Gudnadottir "Saman", Harassor/Glass Coffin - split, Lana Del Rey "Ultraviolence", Sewer Election "Nära", Ghedalia Tzartes "Hysterie Off Music", Noxagt "Brutage", Carpe Noctem "In Terra Profugus", Mdou Moctar "Afelan", Kevin Drumm "Humid Weather"....

There were a good deal more excellent releases this year, as well as others from years past that I'm just now hearing.  I also greatly enjoyed all the releases we issued through SIGE this past year, though that is probably obvious and therefor none of those are listed above. Relatedly, below are a few of my favorite album sleeves from 2014 - from top to bottom they are (band name followed by album designer/artist): Teitanblood - Timo Ketola, Morton Subotnick - Bob Pepper, Wormlust - Metastazis, Dino Spiluttini, Nils Quak - Daniel Castrejon, Russell Hasswell - Ian Burn/Lasse Marhaug, and Pharaoh Overlord - Eetu Henttonen.

Looking forward to experiencing many more great works of art in 2015!

Thursday, December 25, 2014


Above: cover for the forth coming SUMAC album "The Deal". Artwork by Faith Coloccia, design by Turner/Coloccia.

The SUMAC album will be released Feb 17th via Profound Lore (CD/digital), SIGE Records (2xLP/cs) and Daymare Recordings (CD Japan). Pre-order info will be posted as it becomes available. There is a preview song from the album below, and another will follow shortly after the new year. A short video/audio sample from the album is also viewable here.

Also: Mamiffer has a new video/remix collaboration with Daniel Menche. It's based off the track "Enantiodromia" from the recently released "Statu Nascendi" album. And here it is:

Lastly - winter and spring tours/live events are currently in the works for Mamiffer, SUMAC and Old Man Gloom. Please visit their respective internet outlets for updates/further details. Looking forward to it all....

-Happy Holidays!