Wednesday, March 31, 2010

KNUT "wonder" finished, etc

above: finished images from the final layout of knut's "wonder" album, CD version (to be released summer 2010 hydra head/conspiracy records). to be printed as full color 6 panel digipak on matte coated stock, no plastic tray.

below: images from previous knut album "terraformer" CD version (2005 hydra head/conspiracy records). printed as 10 panel CD booklet folder and tray card, full color + 2 pantone spot colors (fluorescent orange and metallic silver).

also: tonight at the josephine in ballard, wa - mamiffer, demian johnston, al qaeda, and shining ones.

current supplements: l'acephale "malefeasance", eleh "observations & momentum", joe preston and daniel menche "cerebic doxology", krallice "dimensional bleedthrough", cg jung "the red book", js bach "sandor veress", bill horist - live, etc.

Friday, March 19, 2010


above: color field/sunset pastels pieces and finished drawings for "wonder" album layout (see previous posts for more info). color fields by f. coloccia. finished layout pieces to be posted soon.

also, update/info on the new twilight album (the band, not the teen vampire propaganda film) here.

listening: final + fear falls burning - collaborative LP, daughters - s/t, ovskum - atto III, black boned angel - new 12" on conspiracy records, lustmord - other dub, etc.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

wonder progress, oren, etc

further progress on the drawings for the upcoming "wonder" album by knut. drawings made in the the following cities (using pigma micron and pilot hi-tech c pens on some sort of archival quality drawing paper): NZ: auckland - AU: brisbane, sydney, melbourne, adelaide, perth. digital assembly and type to be completed upon return to US. background coloring/painting completed by faith coloccia to be posted soon. past inquiries about layout process and tools have been made, thus i am doing my best to document the progress of this project as it moves along.

below: oren ambarchi playing live in melbourne.