Saturday, November 15, 2014


Above: Selected artwork from the Old Man Gloom "The Ape of God" LPs and CDs. Artwork by A. Turner, front cover design by Faith Coloccia.

The new Old Man Gloom albums "The Ape of God" are now available for order - North American/European CD version from Profound Lore, Japanese CDs (+ DVD) from Daymare Recordings, and vinyl editions from SIGE Records.

Most of the art for the album was made as large scale ink/plaka paintings on paper, along with some smaller pen and ink drawings. The individual pieces were cut up, collaged and the photographed to create the final images, with some minor computer processing for the layout arrangements. Final print was completed by Stumptown Printers - two spot colors printed on uncoated textured stock, and in the case of the LPs, with additional letterpress printing in select areas on the jackets. Photos of the final print can be view with the Stumptown Flickr page here.


In conjunction with the release of the new Mamiffer album "Statu Nascendi", Tiny Mix Tapes is hosting a guest mix by Mamiffer. It includes tracks from some of our favorite (and in many cases inspirational) artists - Kites, Alice Coltrane, Swans, Dirk Serries, etc. You can view the full article/mix here, and/or listen to the stream below.


Currently enjoying: "Stone Mattress" Margaret Atwood, Swallowed "Lunarterial", Jon Mueller "Physical Changes", Batilus  "Concrete" (Andy Stott remix), Cut Hands "Festival of the Dead",  Noxagt - s/t, Dead Fader "Scorched", etc.