Monday, July 26, 2010

THIS JUST IN: new vinyl - knut x 2, torche/boris...

above: the end results for the torche/boris split 10", the reissue of knut's "challenger" and the knut "wonder" LP.

almost a year after completing the artwork for the torche/boris split 10" the final product is finally in hand. it's already sold out via hydra head, but may still be available via select distributors and stores. i also recently received copies of the "challenger" LP by knut, something i generated art/layout for years ago which has finally been reissued by division records. considered by some to be the best of their albums, i'm glad this one has finally gotten back on wax even if only in limited quantity. also recently completed is the vinyl version of knut's "wonder" LP courtesy of conspiracy records. while i was pleased with the results of the CD version, the vinyl format wins out once again. this release should still be available from the hydra head webstore as well as directly from conspiracy records.

in the next week or two the new feral pig/a. turner webstore will launch. i'll announce the launch date here as soon as it's confirmed. the store will make available many of the musical and visual projects with which i've been involved including a lot of articles unavailable elsewhere - out of print releases, art prints, original drawings, etc. more on this soon...

also upcoming will be some more detailed information on the nearly completed mamiffer album, split LPs, and a mamiffer related auction of some special and especially grimmmm items.

currently absorbing: ondskapt "arisen from the ashes", burial hex/zola jesus split LP, pan sonic "gravitoni", torche/boris split 10", bell hooks "the will to change", alan moore "promethea" vol IV, kreng "l'autopsie....", alcest "ecailles de lune", bastard noise "a culture of monsters", gorguts "the erosion of sanity", the north sea "blood lines", torche "songs for singles"....

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

mamiffer / july 9th 2010 / seattle

mamiffer will be playing on july 9th in seattle with altar of plagues, velnias and alda at the funhouse. this show will feature the newly expanded mamiffer line up of : faith coloccia, aaron turner, don mcgreevy and travis rommereim.

relatedly, the audio for the mamiffer/house of low culture split cd/lp is now being mastered by james plotkin in preparation for a late summer/early fall release via sige records and utech records.

Monday, July 5, 2010

isis/melvins split 12" update

above: hand decorated LPs leftover from the first pressing of "wavering radiant". see below for more info.

from the isis news page:

"the isis/melvins split 12" will be released officially on the 13th of this month and available one week early (starting july 6) exclusively from vacation vinyl in los angeles. vacation will have a version of the 12" signed by all members of isis and the melvins as well as a limited number of LPs with hand drawn artwork by the folks responsible for the "wavering radiant" album art (aaron tuner and faith coloccia). the LPs with hand drawn artwork are leftovers from the original pressing of the "wavering radiant" 2xLP - there was an overrun of the side A/B record with no side C/D record to go with it, so instead of letting those go to waste they're now serving as backgrounds for some drawings and text based on themes from the album. both are available to in-store customers at vacation vinyl and are likely to run out quickly. the regular version of the 12" should be available at finer retail stores in the US and europe as well as select webstores, distros, etc. the split is a release from hydra head records, features 2 new/unreleased songs from isis ("way through woven branches" and "the pliable foe"), 2 alternate/remixed versions of songs from the new melvins "the bride screamed murder" album ("pig house" and "i'll finish you off"), and collaborative artwork/design by mackie osborne and a. turner."