Saturday, November 27, 2010

ABT portfolio

click here to download a PDF portfolio of visual works (both solo and collaborative) from 2002-present.

Monday, November 22, 2010

new drawings 11/2010

above: new drawings for upcoming layout project (click images to enlarge). penciling was done by faith coloccia, i did the inking. the full layout that includes these images will be posted soon after receiving final approval from the band.

good!: ambarchi/fennesz/pimmon/rehberg/rowe "afternoon tea", extended organ "xoxo", beherit "drawing down the moon", andrew chalk "goldfall", spk "songs of byzantine flowers", buzzov•en "revelation: sick again", steve reich "music for 18 musicians", krallice "interdimensional bleedthrough", "palestine" by joe sacco, etc....

Friday, November 12, 2010

ZOZOBRA harmonic tremors

above: artwork for the zozobra album "harmonic tremors" from a few years back.
i was attempting an eye gouging color palette and succeeded, but not in exactly the way i'd hoped or intended. none the less i was happy with the overall feel of the completed layout despite some of the awkward color contrasts....

Thursday, November 11, 2010


a host of new items has been added to the feral pig webstore this week. the list includes: the remaining copies of the ANB PCP EP limited print made for the "catalyst" exhibition (signed and numbered), pelican "pink mammoth" 10" (now out of print), oxbow "songs for the french" lp (colored vinyl), etc. in the coming weeks there will be a new shirt design available as well since the "skullstache" shirt is just about gone...

yes!: russell haswell "second live salvage", einsturzende neubauten "drawings of patient OT", krzystof penderecki "the psalms of david", evan caminiti "west winds", scott walker "and who shall go to the ball? and what shall go to the ball?", mark mcguire "living with yourself", etc...

Friday, November 5, 2010

Housing Tracts: FLAC version

after sorting through some technical errors on this end, a FLAC audio version of "Housing Tracts" is now available. "anonymous": this one's for you....

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

NEW RELEASES: house of low culture + mamiffer

House of Low Culture "Housing Tracts"
Compilation, remix and unreleased tracks, 1999-2003
Digital Release
SIGE Records (SIGE 005)

Track listing: 1. intercontinental sound drift (originally appeared on the buildings transmissions "220 v remix" compilation, curios 2002) 2. showtime at the apollo (originally appeared on the "you've got your orders" compilation, chrome peeler 2003) 3. bastard remix treatment (originally appeared on "the bastard remix" compilation, curious 2003) 4. untitled (for 4 guitars) (previously unreleased. originally intended for release as the a-side for a 7" on hydra head) 5. merzbow - house of low culture remix (previously unreleased. merzbow remixing HOLC) 6. advancing hordes, merzbow "frog" remix (originally appeared on the "frog - remixed and revisited" compilation, misanthropic agenda 2001) 7. edward (originally appeared on the "funeral songs" compilation relapse/crowd control 2000) 8. a.t. drone home (originally appeared on the "record of shadows infinite" compilation, crucial blast 2002).

initially released as a CD-r edition of 25 copies for a few HOLC shows in 2005, i've finally gotten it together to make a digital version of this available. it is available here as well as from the SIGE Records page. there may be a vinyl edition of this at some point down the road, but this is it for now. PDF booklet included with download. there will be some additional HOLC digital reissues of out of print materials coming in the following weeks.

also, utech records has a preorder up now for the CD version of the long delayed mamiffer/house of low culture split. check that out (and a bunch of other awesome new utech releases), here. the LP version is still in the works, but has been held up due to multiple sets of bad test pressings. i'm hoping that'll be available before the end of the year.

thank you.