Tuesday, September 26, 2017


At this year's Sacrum Profanum Festival in Krakow, PL, "Metapattering for Constellation" - a new composition by Faith Coloccia with Aaron Turner - will be debuted. The piece was commissioned by the festival, and will be performed by a 9 piece ensemble as part of the Post-Indie Classical event on 09/30. More on the festival here

From the festival's curatorial text regarding Post-Indie Classical:

"This concert is an attempt at defining, identifying or perhaps even constituting new aesthetics – post indie classical? This type of music is created in opposition to sometimes too predictable modern music, but at the same time to over-aestehticised and following the beaten tracks indie classical, and is written by non-academics from the world of independent music. The concert will be unique for one more reason – as the light goes down, you will not know what to expect. All compositions will be produced by Spółdzielnia Muzyczna as premieres; they have just been commissioned by Sacrum Profanum and are being composed. Their author’s vision of instrumental music will be presented by Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner (Mamiffer, Sumac) – privately a couple of the pianist and the guitarist – vocalists, graphic artists and composers of music basking in the air of melancholy, situated between ambient and chamber music; Aidan Baker(Nadja) – a multi-instrumentalist, a prolific artist representing many aesthetic styles, first of all ambient, drone, shoegaze and kraut-rock; Toby Driver (Kayo Dot) – a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and composer of music at the crossing of the avant-garde, jazz and prog-metal; Mika Rättö and Jussi Lehtisalo (Circle, Pharaoh Overlord) – a vocalist and a bassist who play all kinds of music from heavy metal through the improvised avant-garde up to avant-rock; Paweł Kulczyński (Wilhelm Brass) – specialising in modular synthesisers, broken rhythms and sound installations (e.g. last year’s Shibboleth)."

Here also is a new interview with Thalassa, the duo of Aaron Turner and William Fowler Collins. The interview discuses "Bonds of Prosperity" Thalassa's debut album, as well as Megadeth, Hendrix, Ghostbusters and other crucial topics:

Machine Music interview with Thalassa