Tuesday, May 25, 2010

TWILIGHT LP art/layout

above: images from the layout for the LP version of the twilight "monument to time end" album. the original layout for the CD was executed by ryan kasparian, from which the basic ideas for the LP version came. by re-drawing some of the imagery and reconfiguring the basic elements established in the CD layout i devised what feels like a more direct aesthetic parallel to the music on the album. though it's unlikely i would've come up with this layout starting from scratch, it was an interesting exercise for me to re-interpret someone else's visuals while also adding a little something of my own to the process/final outcome. the jacket will be printed as four color process with a metallic gold spot color, on uncoated stock with flood printed interior and LP labels that follow the same basic configuration/set-up. not sure what the final release date is for this project but some details on that should be popping up on the southern lord site in the near future.

the accompanying sounds for road trip preparations: william fowler collins "perdition hill radio", torche "songs for singles", melt banana "initial t", melvins "the bride screamed murder", lustmord "beyond", etc.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


above: photos of a bunch of new vinyl projects which have recently rolled in the door...

-jodis "secret house" 2xLP (hydra head records). packaging for this was created with the design assistance of faith coloccia (who also took the photos over which the original drawings i made for the project are laid). printed on "tip-on" style heavy weight gatefold jackets and inner sleeves, with metallic blue spot color on matte coated stock.

-greymachine "disconnected" 2xLP (sige records). this package was adapted from the CD layout for which i completed the design based around video stills provided by jk broadrick. white and silver inks silkscreened on black uncoated heavyweight paper jackets and inserts, with the interior jacket also printed and hand stamped LP labels. some copies will also come with an 11" x 17" promotional poster and a CD version of the audio.

-isis "live V" 2xLP with alternate cover (viva hate records). all design and art for this version by tom neely. tri-fold 12.25" x 36.75" cover, 5 color silkscreen on heavyweight uncoated blue paper. interior is a one color silkscreen with additional artwork and text all hand drawn by neely. tom also made a limited art print version of this piece which you may inquire about through his website.

both the greymachine and isis projects were printed through VG kids who i highly recommend for any silkscreen related projects. absolutely a pleasure to work with in all regards.

all of these records will be available on the upcoming isis tour. otherwise the jodis and greymachine will both be available through the hydra head webstore and select music shops.

helping me through the day: boris "smile" live 2xCD, mk ultra 2xlp discography, phone calls to/from vashon, peste noire "ballade cuntre lo anemi francor", knut "wonder", jana winderen "the noisiest guys on the planet", lustmord "beyond", pure luck los angeles, etc.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

isis - shirts, tom neely live V cover, and the end...

above (from top to bottom):

[1.] "fountain" t-shirt: which includes art i made originally for the "wavering radiant" album and the complete lyrics for that same album. [2.] "planet" t-shirt: which also includes a drawing i made for "wavering radiant", as well as one made for the forthcoming isis/melvins split 12". [3.] "eagle" t-shirt: a design which incorporates artwork by aaron horkey originally generated for the japanese/australian isis 2010 tour poster. [4.] alternate cover artwork by tom neely for the isis "live V" 2xLP . the version of the 2xLP featuring this cover will also be available on the upcoming isis tour along with a t-shirt based around an adapted version of the same artwork.

in other isis news: the end has come. the members of isis have been, are or will be active in a number of other bands ( mgr, zozobra, mamiffer, spylacopa, greymachine, red sparowes, jodis, etc.) and their individual voices will continue to sound through those (and a good many other) projects to come. "thank you" is not an adequate expression to convey what is felt towards all those who made the life of isis possible for the last 13 years.... but thank you all none the less.


Thursday, May 13, 2010


moving to the woods has improved the quality of life.

woodland soundtracks: eleh "location momentum", the austerity program "backsliders & apostates will burn", v/a "on the power of the sphinx", ludicra "the tenant", angelo badalamenti "the soundtrack to twin peaks season one", darkthrone "circle the wagons", oranssi pazuzu "muukalainen puhuu", gore "mean man's dream", etc...