Monday, August 29, 2011


Drawings for an upcoming layout. One and two of a three part series.

Coming soon: Split Cranium.

Listening: Harvey Milk "A Small Turn of Human Kindness", Aluk Todolo "Ordre", Kreng "Grimoire", Techno Animal "Ghosts", Deatrhspell Omega "Diabolus Absconditus/Mass Grave Aesthetics", Shivkumar Sharma "Rag Madhuvanti/Rag Misra Tilang"....

Saturday, August 20, 2011

COALESCE N.N.U.T.S. , etc.

Above: images from the layout for the "Nothing New Under the Sun" CD by Coalesce, co-designed with James O'Mara. The release is several years old now, but I never posted images at the time the project was completed.

Other news: Mixing for the Mamiffer/Locrian collaboration is now complete. Mastering, artwork and production to follow shortly. The initial recording sessions took place at Electrical Audio in Chicago, engineered by Greg Norman. Additional production and mixing occurred at Avast! in Seattle, with Randall Dunn. Release date further info will be posted soon.

Good!: All Pigs Must Die - live, Jesu - s/t, "Empire of the Senseless" by Kathy Acker, Alex Barnett "Push", Phurpa "Trowo Phurnag Ceremony", Dark Castle "Surrender to All Life Beyond Form", Mika Vanio "Life... (it eats you up)", Circle "Infektio", Cloaks "Versus Grain", etc...