Thursday, June 27, 2013


Mamiffer will be supporting Alcest and Anathema on their upcoming US tour - very much looking forward to this. If all goes according to plan the Circle & Mamiffer album will be ready in time for the tour, along with the new Mamiffer/House of Low Culture split. In addition to the shows with Alcest and Anathema we're going to try to fill in some of the off days with House of Low Culture or Mamiffer shows in other areas - more on that soon....

Also - there is a new SIGE store focusing on rarities and specialty items related to the labels collection of artists (including House of Low Culture, Mamiffer, etc.). The election in the store is in constant rotation - since there are only small quantities of most items in the store they come and go quickly. You can visit the store here.

Monday, June 10, 2013


Last year I recorded vocals for a Converge cover of the Entombed classic "Wolverine Blues". That version of the track is now available as part of a digital EP on Converge's band site. Very grateful to have been asked to participate in this project as a long time fan of both Converge and Entomed, so thanks to all involved! Track is below and you can get the full EP here.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Above: Preview images from the ISIS "Celestial" 2xLP layout. Vinyl version on Robotic Empire, CD version on Ipecac - both due out July 9th. Pre-order info coming soon.

Enjoying: Cut Hands - live, Asphyx "Deathhammer", Shitmat "Killbabylongkutz" Alan Moore/Kevin O'Niell "Nemo: Heart of Ice", Diamanda Galas "The Litanies of Satan", Nortt "Gudsforladt", Knut s/t EP, etc.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


SIGE Records has a new webstore focused on the rare/obsolete/obscure items from our catalog and family of related artists. We've started with a small selection of items for the launch of the store and will be adding new items regularly as they are produced/unearthed. In the first round there are some long gone artifacts from Mamiffer, House of Low Culture, Everlovely Lightningheart, etc. Go here to visit the store. More items from the aforementioned artists will be added soon along with deleted titles by Lotus Eaters, Drawing Voices, etc.


In (somewhat vague) news there are varying degrees of progress being made on the following musical projects: Daniel Menche collaboration, Circle/Mamiffer collaboration, new House of Low Culture material, next Mamiffer album, and the collaboration with William Fowler Collins. There is also discussion of another Split Cranium album happening this year... and maybe something else... On the visual end of things I've recently completed artwork for the new album by All Pigs Must Die, and there will soon be some limited screen prints based off that artwork. Also just off the presses is the ISIS "Celestial" reissue 2xLP/CD. More images and information on all these to follow shortly.


Enjoying: Andrew Cox "Skulls", Akina Cox "When I Tell You I Was Born Into  Cult This Is What It Means", Vuyvr "Eiskalt", Lussuria "Silk and Honey", Poena "Likboden", Daniel Menche & Kiyoshi Mizutani "garden", Pharaoh Overlord "3", ....