Monday, December 27, 2010


There are some new arrivals at the Feral Pig webstore:

-Mamiffer/House of Low Culture split CD (Utech Records)
-Mamiffer/Oakeater split LP (SIGE Records)

Coming shortly will be the LP version of the Mamiffer/HOLC split also on SIGE Records. This will be available with the launch of the SIGE webstore in the next week or two.

Also - here is a link to a short column I put together for the Alarm blog about some of my favorite musician/designers.

More holiday cheer: Earth "A Bureaucratic Desire for Extra-Capsular Extraction", Philip K Dick "Eye in the Sky", Peter Rehberg "Music for GV 2004-2008", 45 seconds of Emperor's "In the Nightside Eclipse", Dockton's nocturnal piano excursions...

R.I.P. Monkeytree, Vashon... You will be missed...

Friday, December 24, 2010


Above: new drawings: final (top) and preliminary test (bottom) for Lotus Eaters "wvrmwulv" 2xLP re-issue forthcoming on Taiga Records, 2011.

Holiday cheer: Kevin Drumm "Sheer Hellish Miasma", Watain "Lawless Darkness", Daniel Menche "Sirocco" + "Paroxysm", Hayaino Daisuki "The Invincible Gate Mind...", etc....

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Above: Cover image for Mamiffer/Oakeater split LP on Sige Records. Artwork by Faith Coloccia.

The Mamiffer/Oakeater split LP is finally finished and available for mailorder as is the CD version of the Mamiffer/House of Low Culture split CD (Utech Records). For further details and ordering information go here. LP version of the Mamiffer/House of Low Culture is still in the works due to some hold ups with the vinyl itself. Hope to have those available by early next month.

On a sad note, friend and artist Stephen Kasner is experiencing a serious health emergency and is in need of financial assistance from anyone willing to help out. Here is an excerpt of a statement on the subject from Utech Records which includes info on making donations to the cause:

"Stephen Kasner has recently been diagnosed with some serious medical
issues. Like many artists who lack the benefit of medical insurance, he
pushed the situation aside until it became unavoidable. Emergency care has
been initiated, but he is not out of the woods yet, and his continued care
is extremely necessary - hence this call for aid to friends, admirers of his
art, and comrades alike.

You can help by making a donation via PayPal to

I am offering three URSK box sets for $115 each: All proceeds will go directly to Stephen."


Monday, December 6, 2010


ABOVE: Images from the layout for the LP version of Buzzov*en's "Revelation: Sick Again". Drawings and design made in collaboration with Faith Coloccia. LP/CD due out on Hydra Head in Feb. 2011. Buzzov*en now on tour...

Current: Circle "Rautatie", The Austerity Program "Backsliders and Apostates Will Burn", Yellow Swans "Going Places", Kurt Vonnegut "The Sirens of Titan", Deathspell Omega "Paracletus", Eyvind Kang "Atlantis", Burning Star Core "The Very Heart of the World", Arkhamin Kirjasto 7"....

Saturday, November 27, 2010

ABT portfolio

click here to download a PDF portfolio of visual works (both solo and collaborative) from 2002-present.

Monday, November 22, 2010

new drawings 11/2010

above: new drawings for upcoming layout project (click images to enlarge). penciling was done by faith coloccia, i did the inking. the full layout that includes these images will be posted soon after receiving final approval from the band.

good!: ambarchi/fennesz/pimmon/rehberg/rowe "afternoon tea", extended organ "xoxo", beherit "drawing down the moon", andrew chalk "goldfall", spk "songs of byzantine flowers", buzzov•en "revelation: sick again", steve reich "music for 18 musicians", krallice "interdimensional bleedthrough", "palestine" by joe sacco, etc....

Friday, November 12, 2010

ZOZOBRA harmonic tremors

above: artwork for the zozobra album "harmonic tremors" from a few years back.
i was attempting an eye gouging color palette and succeeded, but not in exactly the way i'd hoped or intended. none the less i was happy with the overall feel of the completed layout despite some of the awkward color contrasts....

Thursday, November 11, 2010


a host of new items has been added to the feral pig webstore this week. the list includes: the remaining copies of the ANB PCP EP limited print made for the "catalyst" exhibition (signed and numbered), pelican "pink mammoth" 10" (now out of print), oxbow "songs for the french" lp (colored vinyl), etc. in the coming weeks there will be a new shirt design available as well since the "skullstache" shirt is just about gone...

yes!: russell haswell "second live salvage", einsturzende neubauten "drawings of patient OT", krzystof penderecki "the psalms of david", evan caminiti "west winds", scott walker "and who shall go to the ball? and what shall go to the ball?", mark mcguire "living with yourself", etc...

Friday, November 5, 2010

Housing Tracts: FLAC version

after sorting through some technical errors on this end, a FLAC audio version of "Housing Tracts" is now available. "anonymous": this one's for you....

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

NEW RELEASES: house of low culture + mamiffer

House of Low Culture "Housing Tracts"
Compilation, remix and unreleased tracks, 1999-2003
Digital Release
SIGE Records (SIGE 005)

Track listing: 1. intercontinental sound drift (originally appeared on the buildings transmissions "220 v remix" compilation, curios 2002) 2. showtime at the apollo (originally appeared on the "you've got your orders" compilation, chrome peeler 2003) 3. bastard remix treatment (originally appeared on "the bastard remix" compilation, curious 2003) 4. untitled (for 4 guitars) (previously unreleased. originally intended for release as the a-side for a 7" on hydra head) 5. merzbow - house of low culture remix (previously unreleased. merzbow remixing HOLC) 6. advancing hordes, merzbow "frog" remix (originally appeared on the "frog - remixed and revisited" compilation, misanthropic agenda 2001) 7. edward (originally appeared on the "funeral songs" compilation relapse/crowd control 2000) 8. a.t. drone home (originally appeared on the "record of shadows infinite" compilation, crucial blast 2002).

initially released as a CD-r edition of 25 copies for a few HOLC shows in 2005, i've finally gotten it together to make a digital version of this available. it is available here as well as from the SIGE Records page. there may be a vinyl edition of this at some point down the road, but this is it for now. PDF booklet included with download. there will be some additional HOLC digital reissues of out of print materials coming in the following weeks.

also, utech records has a preorder up now for the CD version of the long delayed mamiffer/house of low culture split. check that out (and a bunch of other awesome new utech releases), here. the LP version is still in the works, but has been held up due to multiple sets of bad test pressings. i'm hoping that'll be available before the end of the year.

thank you.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


for anyone that happens to be in istanbul during the week of oct 30-nov 7, i'll have a small selection of drawings as a part of the exhibition listed above. thanks to ibrahim and baracca for asking me to be a part of this. more information can be found here.

enjoyment: autumnal feelings, cave in "white silence", secret chiefs 3 "book m", forest foraging, zola jesus "valusia", alice in chains "dirt", philip jeck "an ark for listeners", garth ennis "preacher" book 1, "the portable jung", jawbreaker "bivouac", fugazi "steady diet of nothing", lungfish "sound in time"....

Friday, October 8, 2010


above: front/back cover and interior images for the forthcoming mamiffer/house of low culture split LP. both the front and back cover are the work of are mokkelbost (ION, Omni #4, paper collage - more info below).

the mamiffer/holc split LP is finally nearing completion with a projected release date of novemeber 23rd. sige has the vinyl and jackets in production for the LP, and utech has all the parts in the works for the CD version as well. the cover art shown above comes courtesy of norwegian artist/musician are mokkelbost. his work as a visual artist as well as a participant in various musical projects is exceptional and certainly merits investigation by any who are unfamiliar with his output - check it out here. i'd like to take this opportunity to thank him for allowing us to use his wonderful piece for this project - it adds further depth and excitement to a record already of great personal significance to me.

yes!: nirvana "bleach", xela "the divine" and "the illuminated", alan moore "promethea" vol v, autumn on vashon, richard skelton "landings", xasthur "defective epitaph", paysage d'hiver "winterkaelte", virus "the black flux", etc.

Friday, October 1, 2010


finally, many weeks after announcing that it'd "soon" be open, the feral pig webstore is finally live and open for business. you can visit it here. wherever possible i've tried to include any relevant info on the items in the store, including original release dates, pull quotes from various sources, etc. while the total number of items available is fairly minimal at the moment, over the course of the coming months a lot of other items will be added including some art prints, new t-shirt designs, more vinyl, and various albums i have been in some way involved with (including stuff now out of print). thanks to all at BCD for helping facilitate this project as well as any of you that investigate further.

i'd also like to take his opportunity to draw your attention to some creative entities which don't often get the credit they deserve, those being a selection of record labels that are working hard to put great music (often accompanied with stunning visuals) into the hands, hearts and ears of many. while i'm leaving out a ton of deserving folks, a few of the labels whose productions i'm thoroughly enjoying include: utech records, touch recordings, type recordings, dekorder, taiga records, ektro records, norma evangelium diaboli .... if you happen to be unfamiliar with any/all of these, please take a gander at the various sites above. all the aforementioned have ben responsible for producing records i have found enjoyable and inspiring on numerous levels and i thank them for making the world of music more interesting....

Monday, September 27, 2010


above + below: finished pieces from the old man gloom "christmas" CD layout (see also previous post).

....aaaand, at the moment most of the old man gloom albums are not in print, but if you look to your left you will see some of them available as digital downloads. this of course isn't ideal as artwork in the realm of the digital album becomes obsolete, or at the very least its strength diminished, but better for these albums to be available in this form than not at all. hopefully in the coming year some or all of the albums will again become available in some format besides the solely digital, but there are as far as i know no concrete plans for re-pressings/reissues at the moment....

Saturday, September 25, 2010


above + below: drawings from the old man gloom "christmas" album.

the album these drawings are pulled from is a few years old now, but it remains one of the most engaging projects i have been involved with both musically and visually and thusly shared here. will the gloom rise again?

the good stuff: rst "the sunset limited", the knife "tomorrow in a year", hellblazer "son of man", kode 9 + the space ape "curious b/w portal", philip k dick "flow my tears, the policeman said", dead reptile shrine "isth narai ja", the human quena orchestra "a natural history of failure", helms alee - live...

Monday, September 13, 2010


above: supplied by a friend who shall remain nameless. proof that community spirit and activism are alive and well wherever one might live.....

and now some news:

jodis: work has commenced on the follow up to "secret house" jodis' full length debut from last year. the line up for the new album remains the same as the prior record (james plotkin, tim wyskida, aaron turner). there is no set deadline for completion of the album, but it will likely be finished before the new year and out sometime shortly thereafter.

mamiffer: aside form the completion of the new album "we speak in the dark", there are a couple more mamiffer things already in the works. one is a track for a split release with fellow north-westerner demian johnston and also 3-4 tracks for a new EP (or possibly full length). again, no set release date for any of the above mentioned projects, but as soon as things are solidified the info will be posted here. the long overdue split LPs with oakeater and house of low culture will both be out in november.

house of low culture: as mentioned above the split with mamiffer (the first new HOLC release in several years) will be out in november. as noted in previous posts, HOLC has a collaborative project in the works with tom neely called "the wolf". HOLC's portion of the project (the audio component of a book/album set) is now half finished - of the four chapters in the book two now have complete scored pieces based around the foundational elements of guitar, voice and electronics. clips will be posted soon.

lotus eaters: following up the CD release of the lotus eaters album "wvrmwvlf" a few years late, the vinyl version is finally in the works. as with the previous vinyl reissue of our first album "mind control for infants" this vinyl edition will also be handled by the ever awesome taiga records. also like the previous vinyl reissue all the tracks on the album are alternate mixes from what appeared on the CD version and the set will also include a bonus track - an alternate mix of a track originally released on 7" by drone records some years back and long since out of print. more on this as it comes along...

and some things that i've enjoyed as of late: evan caminiti "west winds", fever ray s/t, watain "lawless darkness", einsturzende neubauten "1/2 mensch", bell hooks "will to change", caethua "i may be gone for a long, long time", king midas sound "waiting for you", michael daforge "lose" #1 + 2, celeste "misathrope(s), etc....

Thursday, August 19, 2010

JESU "heartache & dethroned" preview images

above: several pieces from the layout for the LP version of the forthcoming jesu release "heartache & dethroned".

original photos were provided by jk broadrick, the color treatments done by faith coloccia and final layout completed by me. the jacket is a gatefold 2xLP sleeve to be printed on uncoated recycled stock with a spot metallic ink (pantone 8624) for all text/logos/etc. the album is comprised of the "heartache" ep first released in 2004 (and long since out of print), and also includes the "dethroned" ep - originally recorded around the same time as "heartache" but only recently unearthed and completed. release date for both vinyl and the CD (as well as digital) is nov 16.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

SUNN Model T Auction

above: the sunn model T amplifier i want to sell (with emperor road case - cat not included in).

due to an ongoing move and a need to lighten my load, i'm looking to sell off the sun model T pictured above. it is a vintage mid 70s model (NOT a reissue) with the mid range selector switch. it has 4 KT88 power tubes recently installed, is in great working condition and comes with a custom made emperor road case. i used this amp on a couple os isis tours and recordings, but beyond that it has been carefully stored and seldom used since i have owned it. i have no set asking price but will sell to the highest bidder. as with other auctions i've done through this site please leave a comment with your bid and email address - all bids will be kept private. i will post public comments to keep everyone participating updated on the bidding and get in touch with the winner at the end of this week. i would prefer to sell it to someone located in the los angeles area who is willing to come pick it up, but i will ship it out of state if necessary - please keep in mind that shipping will be an additional cost on top of your bid if you live out of state and that cost will be determined by your location and preferred method of shipping. thank you....

thanks also to everyone who participated in the mamiffer/pyramids auction which has now ended. for those of you that won and paid for items in the auction your "prizes" will be sent out next week.

lastly, the feral pig webstore is inching ever closer to completion. more on that very soon...