Sunday, October 24, 2010


for anyone that happens to be in istanbul during the week of oct 30-nov 7, i'll have a small selection of drawings as a part of the exhibition listed above. thanks to ibrahim and baracca for asking me to be a part of this. more information can be found here.

enjoyment: autumnal feelings, cave in "white silence", secret chiefs 3 "book m", forest foraging, zola jesus "valusia", alice in chains "dirt", philip jeck "an ark for listeners", garth ennis "preacher" book 1, "the portable jung", jawbreaker "bivouac", fugazi "steady diet of nothing", lungfish "sound in time"....


gking said...

Hi Aaron,

How you been? Anyways..I love your artwork and your music. I saw you live with Melvins last summer at the Paradise Club in Boston. I hope everything is going well and I wish you the best.


Louis Gaudet said...

So... "White Silence" isn't just a rumour?

Jon said...


This is probably completely the wrong place to ask this but I thought I'd try my luck anyway -

I don't suppose you have any leftover Khanate "Clean Hands...." hoodies kicking about that I could take off your hands?

I was a poor student when the pre-order came out and have been kicking myself ever since for missing out as the design is absolutely awesome!

Not to worry if you don't I just thought I'd have a stab in the dark.

By the way, I actually can't wait for the new Jodis record as I just can't seem to stop listening to "Secret House" at the moment. Also the new design for the Jesu "Heartache" vinyl looks crushingly good - I was on the verge of purchasing the original LP when I heard about this and thought I'd hang on.

Anyway I don't want to come off like a fan boy prat, so thanks for taking a look if you get the chance


Anonymous said...

why can't I be enjoying "White Silence" too?

Jon said...

No reply?

Ah well.

Aaron B. Turner said...

hey jon - no extra khanate hoodies around i'm afraid. glad to hear you're excited about the jodis and jesu though - i am as well. the jesu vinyl will be up in the feral pig store shortly. thanks.