Saturday, September 20, 2008


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pictures (from top to bottom - cont. from post above):

1. mamiffer "hirror enniffer" - a new hydra head release coming out 9/23 (tuesday). masterminded by faith coloccia (former participant of everlovely lightningheart, current participant in pyramids, and collaborator for upcoming house of low culture recordings), with contributions from chris common, brian cook and ryan frederiksen (these arms are snakes), myself, and annie and ben from helms alee (who also just released a new album on HHR). the album can be preordered from HHR here and sampled in its entirety here .

2 & 3. house of low culture "hollywood squalls" cassettes. 2 tracks, roughly 30 minutes, culled from a live recording from 2007, mixed and mastered by james plotkin. handmade cassettes produced in in conjunction with the most recent HOLC shows. edition of 50, the remaining copies of which made available through the hydra head webstore, and possibly live HOLC or isis shows if any are left by the time those actually roll around.

4, 5 & 6. snapshots of my installation in the "catalyst" group exhibition at the fifty24sf gallery in san francisco (more info/pics here ). consists of wall painting with 40 framed drawings from the old man gloom "christmas" album artwork. the gallery will continue the exhibition through october, so if you are in the area go check it out. there are prints and posters available at the gallery from myself (see past post for print image), as well as many of the other participants (seldon hunt, aaron horkey, justin bartlett, stephen kasner, etc). there is talk of bringing this show to LA in 2009, an event which would be pleasing to all involved.

7. seldon hunt licking a cookie in front of his piece at the "catalyst" exhibition. alluring.

8. "catalyst" group shot (from left to right): exhibition curator brett aronson, florian bertmer, a.t., justin bartlett, seldon hunt, stephen kasner. 5 out of 6 wearing t shirts with skulls on them and/or unreadable logos.

nourishing supplements: carcass - live in los angeles, like a kind of matador "halfway to dangerous", bergraven "til makabert väsen", are mokelbost "omni 4" (collage 2007), the wire - season 1, carl jung "dreams", "secret invasion" #5 & 6, empire auriga "auriga dying", irr. app. (ext) "perekluchenie", modern jazz quartet "pyramids", boris w/merzbow "rock dream", etc.

Thursday, September 4, 2008



this coming weekend house of low culture will be doing 2 (possibly 3), live performances in the northwest along side mamiffer and hemingway, and in portland with trees as part of their record release show. here are the specifics:

9/12 Portland OR @ Someday Lounge w/ Hemingway, Mamiffer, Trees
9/14 Seattle, WA @ Rendevous w/ Hemingway, Mamiffer

house of low culture will be performing unreleased material, and to the best of my knowledge mamiffer will as well, and possibly hemingway too. i'm hoping to have a new HOLC cassette release ready in time for the shows, but we'll see if those come into being before the deadline. mamiffer will have the new "hirror eniffer" album available to the "public" for the first time to coincide with these shows - record release performances of sorts, even though it may be an unintentional coincidence. more on/from mamiffer here . more on/from hemingway here

this comment was left in response to my last post:

"...until we are all ready to make real sacrifices I just see us spiraling downward.

I mean, are we ready to curb oil consumption in everything we do?

Touring bands burn a lot of fuel, so does shipping records around the world. Know what I mean? We're all implicated to an extent, myself included.

And then let's say I make drastic changes and sacrifices and stop buying glorious colored vinyl, and get rid of my car, will everyone else? Or is it all for naught."

in response to that chain of thought i would say this: i am certainly implicated in the problems i addressed in that posting, and i didn't mean to imply otherwise when i chose to quote the info that comprised the bulk of the content therein. in order for change to occur we must make sacrifices, including in regards to the things we hold dear, and it seems crucial to me that we should do so regardless of whether or not everyone else is going to do the same. it's unlikely that we are going to collectively make drastic changes that will halt these ever expanding problems, but if we can individually make steps towards lessening the current rate of damage it certainly seems worth doing so. whether that means trying to drive less, consuming fewer commercial goods, voting for a candidate with more sensible energy policies, remembering to turn the lights off when we leave the house, or committing to studies in the realm of alternative energy sources, every choice and action we make in this direction (seemingly insignificant though they may be), is a step towards a future of greater promise.... though as someone else alluded to in reaction to the same post, the world may be better off if we wipe ourselves out sooner rather than later. it is worth considering that humans are only temporary blip in the grand scheme of things and that our time may be drawing to a close. that said, my (possibly) selfish wish is to be able to continue on, with the belief that we can and will better our current situation by stepping forward conscientiously, rather than downward thoughtlessly into oblivion. i don't know whether this makes me an idealistic optimist, a human-centric narcissist, or just utterly naive, but i feel increasingly compelled to contribute (albeit in a very minor way), towards the struggle to be a less destructive presence on this planet...

*flyer: faith coloccia