Monday, June 29, 2009


as of 6/26/09 i became engaged to a wonderful woman named faith coloccia. i feel extremely grateful for having been fortunate enough to cross paths with faith, and even more so for having gotten to know, spend time, and collaborate with her. the life we have shared together thus far has been a truly transformative and illuminating experience which has meant more to me than i could ever hope to express with in the confines of this forum or indeed any other. i hope that our journey together is just beginning....


Jodis Text Development

above: various stages of the handwritten text for the jodis album.

now that there's been a small break between isis tours i've been able to finish up all the pieces for the new version of the jodis album layout. wanted to get it all done sooner, but being on the road isn't always conducive to productivity. the rest of the layout pieces have been done for some time now, this was the last element to complete and obviously an important one.

isis US tour complete. the last string of shows on the west coast was a tremendous way to cap off the trip. thanks to helms alee as well as the other people in mamiffer with whom i was lucky enough to play on the 6 shows heading southwards down the coast. thanks to all the supportive folks who came out to listen to all the bands perform and the ever gracious staff of the great american music hall in SF - always a true pleasure to play there...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

new drawing & the road goes on

above: map drawing and details from map drawing. may/june 2009.

isis still on the road. currently in the van hurdling across the state of iowa. rolling hills, setting sun, actually somewhat pleasant considering we've been in the van all day traveling between minneapolis, mn and our next stop denver, co. pelican and tombs have left the tour. keelhaul now in tow. all good traveling companions/road warriors. helms alee and mamiffer joining up in a few days. thanks to all who have accompanied us along the way as well as those that have come to witness. greymachine "vultures descend" 12" out now and copies brought along for the tour. greymachine "disconnected" cd hopefully available during the last week of this tour, or beginning of upcoming european tour. jodis album art still underway, initial versions scrapped, new version imminent. remaining art prints from 2008 "catalyst" available for sale soon (see aug 22, 2008 post for more info/image).

enjoyed/enjoying/benefitting from: big brain comics and hard times restaurant in minneapolis, mn - aosoth s/t - doom "born like this" - "blankets" by craig thompson - "spent" by joe matt - special pictures - keelhaul live performances - "lawless" by ed brubaker and sean phillips - pyramids with nadja collaborative album - oxbow "songs for the french" - xasthur "all reflections drained" - "batman and robin" by grant morrison and frank quietly - "under saturn's shadow" by james hollis