Thursday, January 28, 2010

new poster by aaron horkey

above: new poster design by aaron horkey.
will be available on the upcoming isis/baroness tour in japan and australia. one of the two versions will also be available after the tour via various online sources. thank you mr. horkey

listening: kevin drumm "imperial horizon", alcest/les discerts split LP, evenings "growing isolation", pyramids with nadja - remix 12", harvey milk "a small turn of human kindness", regulator watts "the aesthetics of no drag", knut "terraformer"....

R.I.P. : mary daly, howard zinn, j.d. salinger.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Mamiffer "Hirror Enniffer" LP - out now

mamiffer "hirror enniffer" LP - sige records.

after a lengthy delay the vinyl version of the mamiffer debut album is now available. pressing of 300 copies, 200 on clear vinyl, 100 copies on smokey clear vinyl. jackets and inserts hand screened by VG kids, flood printed interior jacket. currently available through hydra head, conspiracy records, vacation vinyl, and soon through the hhr/bcd webstore and aquarius records. if you would like to order directly from mamiffer please contact us via our myspace. cd version still available from/on hydra head records.

update/news on upcoming mamiffer album to be posted soon.

thank you.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

YEMEN, HHR 2009 comp, etc

as of the last couple years justin foley of the austerity program has been initiating year end music exchanges amongst some of his colleagues and friends. he has been gracious enough to ask me to participate, an invitation i gladly accepted. here is a link to the audio for my collection. below is an explanation of the exchange from justin's original solicitation letter as well as lyrics from the king midas sound track "earth a kill ya" which i thought were interesting in and of themselves (the track itself is included in the mix). the mix also includes selections from: arvo pärt, this heat, the bug, temple of not, hildur godnadottir, w.o.l.d., etc. another participant in the exchange, stephen o'malley, has linked his mix here. in addition to the mix generated for foley's YEMEN project, i thought it might be nice to do a year end collection of tracks from hydra head releases that came out over the course of 2009. i didn't include a track from every single release we did this year, but i gathered as much as i could manage at the moment, which encompasses the bulk of our output over the last 12 months. i've included some of my favorite 2009 album tracks from the following: pyramids with nadja, keelhaul, torche, xasthur, nihill, oxbow, everlovely lightningheart, khanate, big business, jodis, cave in, bergraven, bohren and der club of gore, and greymachine. you can grab the audio for that here . file sizes for both mixes are rather large as i wanted to preserve the fidelity of the original recordings where ever possible. i'll most likely pull both of these mixes down in the next couple weeks, so hopefully that will be ample time for most of you who want these comps to grab them.

original YEMEN invitation from justin foley:

"A good friend of mine does a CD exchange every year where people put together their own disc – a sampler of favorite stuff released that year. It’s great except for 3 things:

-Most of the 20 or so people who participate all like almost the same music.
-That is not the type of music I like.
-I suspect that just about none of them like the type of music I do.

So they’re all swapping Vashti and the Arcade Fire and ignoring the discs I send with Shitmat (awesome).

I want to do the same thing with people I suspect have a really excellent/broad taste in music that I would probably be interested in hearing. Some of the people I’m sending this to I know well, others I only sorta know. Still, I figure I’d love to hear what you’ve been listening to for the past year. Interested? Here’s what it would mean:

-You pull together your own best of 2009 CD. Preferably stuff released this year but if you’ve been on some great mining journey of years past, what the hell?
-Some time before, say, Jan 31, you send it to me. Physical CD or some uploading scheme, I don’t care.
-I pull together all of the CDs and upload them to a site – yousendit or something like that. The link is emailed back to you.
-You download it and have a bunch of music to listen to."


and here are the lyrics to to king midas sound's "earth a kill ya"
(transcribed to the best of my ability)

the earth will kill you if you try to kill it
your body heals you if you discipline it

in this time we have to live with earth
stop the relentless pursuit of money
everyt'ing have a soul
rivers, stones, plants, and trees all living
their power can be used and good, or destroyed
we shall all live again through births and deaths, spirits persist
live simple
you can't sell the earth for profit
it's to live, not to sell
the earth will kill you if you try to kill it

it's a long time now we organic
dem so called called scientists now catch on
why they wanna call we thinkin' primitive
when they first thought these drugs to poison
and look how they poison all the water
and sellin' it back to us in plastic bottles

the earth will kill you if you try to kill it
your body heals you if you discipline it

my stomach is no graveyard for the dead
plant t'ings, herbs, yams, callaloo
t'ings that come from the dust
[hu]man come from the dust
so you thought the west could make a system to live?
well, now we'll see who dead first
one thing i know, my liberty is my liberty

you see, my grandmother anytime she was sick
she would dream what see need to eat
and wanna talk abou' medicine?
she was in touch
she say all animals in the world could do this
why not [hu]man?
but it seems we lose this ability
just to keep in touch with what we need to live

the earth will kill you if you try to kill it
your body heals you if you discipline it

Monday, January 4, 2010

2009... 2010... the past....

above: the wedding party
below: listing of highlights, disappointments, and items from the last year, the last century or 2, for the future:


daily life with and marriage to faith coloccia / animals: valis, orange, pancake, robot / records made by hydra head recording artists and making art for hydra head records recording artists / the process of making, completing and/or release of albums with mamiffer, greymachine, jodis, lotus eaters and isis / northwestern relocation / the opening of vacation vinyl in los angeles / being alive another year...

the first year of barack obama's presidency (i feel duped, perhaps i was being naive, as was suggested by some of the people who left in comments in response to my excited posts about his election) / the continued imposition of the black iron prison on all now living...

burning star core "challenger" / leviathan "massive conspiracy against all life" / king midas sound "waiting for you" / have a nice life "deathconsciousness" / funeral mist "mananatha" / circle "tyrant" and live / deathspell omega "chaining the katechon" / hildur gudnadottir "without sinking" / megadeth "endgame" / converge "axe to fall" / fennesz "black sea" / the bug "london zoo" / sunn "monoliths and dimensions" / dälek "gutter tactics" and live / pj harvey and john parish "a woman a man walked by" / etc.

substance from 2009, the last decade, last bunch of decades:

imre kersatsz "kaddish for an unborn child" / virginia woolf "a room of one's own" / zak sally "like a dog" and sammy the mouse" / john banville "the sea" / cervantes "don quixote" / gitta sereny "albert speer's battle with the truth" / james hollis "the eden project" / m.d. "g/e" / mark z danielewski "house of leaves" / fyodor dostoyevsky "brother's karamozov" / carl jung with aniela jaffe "memories, dreams, reflections" / cormac mccarthy "the road" / prurient "rose pillar" book + 11" / philip k. dick "valis" (trilogy) / mary shelly "frankenstein" (bernie wrightson illustrated edition) / charles burns "black hole" / chris ware "acme novelty library" / alan moore "swamp thing" and "from hell" / tom neely "the blot" / robert kirkman "walking dead" / craig thompson "blankets" / jamie delano "hellblazer" / etc.

everything hydra head / deathspell omega "kenose" and "fas – ite, maledicti, in ignem aeternum" / oxbow "an evil heat", "serenade in red" and live / neil young "dead man" soundtrack / techno animal "brotherhood of the bomb" / everlovely lightninghheart "i, you, she, the blonde and the clouds" and live / james plotkin & kk null "aurora" / mirror "nightwalkers" etc. / today is the day "willpower" / prurient "and still, wanting", "pleasure ground" / fovea hex "neither speak nor remain silent" / neurosis "enemy of the sun", "through silver and blood" and live / nurse with wound "soliloquy for lilith" / fennesz "endless summer" and live / boris "flood" / earth "2" / the melvins "lysol" and live / khanate "things viral" and live / low "secret name" / aphex twin "selected ambient works II" / pj harvey "stories from the city, stories from the sea" and "rid of me" / circle "prospekt", "black forest", "tulikoira", "katapault" and live / godflesh S/T and "selfless" / coil "black light district" / swans "love of life", "soundtracks for the blind", "children of god" / converge "you fail me" / bohren and der club of gore "dolores" , "midnight radio", "black earth" / dälek - live / karp s/t / angels of light - live / high on fire "art of self defense" and live / sleep "jerusalem" / this heat "out of cold storage" box set / tradgedy "vengeance" and live / fugazi "in on the kill taker" / etc

proposed actions for 2010:
live performances with mamiffer, greymachine, jodis and isis / recording projects with finnish fiends, bergraven, house of low culture, mamiffer, etc / book and music collaboration with tom neely / visual art exhibition(s) / more design, more drawing, more music, more life...