Wednesday, June 30, 2010


above: snapshots from a visit to the ice cave at the big four in WA - the first day trip since returning from tour. also: the workshop and the ever vigilant canine companions.

currently in the works: new feral pig webstore, more sound generation for mamiffer, house of low culture and jodis. progress reports and specifics on the releases for the above mentioned forthcoming. also upcoming - artwork for the long delayed/lost buzzov*en album "revelation: sick again".

good sounds: aluk tudolo "finsternis", megadeth "endgame", ludicra "fex urbis lex orbis", locrian "drenched lands".

Thursday, June 10, 2010

torche/boris test prints, isis/melvins split, etc

above: (blurry) snapshots of the test prints for the torche/boris split 10" (finally!) and the completed melvins/isis split 12". the isis/melvins split is now available from the melvins and isis on their respective and conjunctive tours. the torche/boris split 10" will also be available directly from the bands on their upcoming tours. both splits will also be available through more easily accessible channels in the not too distant future - i.e. stores, webstores, etc. official release date for torche/boris - june 29th, for melvins/isis - july 13th (july 6th through vacation vinyl exclusively). 20" x 20" signed prints of the torche/boris artwork will also be available at the boris/torche/russian circles show on august 6th in brooklyn, NY....

private listening party: knut "wonder", acid healer - untitled, arcn temple "emanations of a new world", horseback "the invisible mountain", etc.

Monday, June 7, 2010


greymachine "disconnected" 2xLP now available at vacation vinyl in los angeles and also at the remaining dates of the isis tour now in progress. vacation is also giving away some isis goodie bags at the moment to anyone coming and picking up releases by isis or related projects, though the supply may be nearly exhausted at this point.

also: the finished CDs for the knut "wonder" album have finally arrived (pictured above). official release date is june 29th. i'll be bringing a few of these along for the remaining isis tour dates as well. the vinyl version of the album will be available from conspiracy records starting tomorrow, and later through the hydra head webstore as well as (once again) vacation vinyl.

lastly, thank you to everyone who came out for the west coast portion of the final isis tour and to tombs and jakob for coming along. the presence of all the aforementioned entities was greatly appreciated. and thanks to kenneth thomas for this.