Friday, May 27, 2011


Above: LP layout for Helms Alee"Weatherhead", forthcoming on Hydra Head Records. Lettering and design by A. Turner. Paintings and design by Faith Coloccia. Lazer cats by Nate Johnson.

Also, to view the fairly recent Mamiffer Tumblr go here.

...and this stuff is great: Daniel Menche "Feral", Helms Alee "Weatherhead", Pauline Oliveros "Four Electronic Pieces", "The Invisibles" vol. 2 by Grant Morrison, K11 "Metaphonic Portrait", Teeth Engraved With the Names of the Dead - cassette, Vorum "Grim Death Awaits", Cave In "White Silence", "The End of Manhood" by John Stoltenberg, ....

Monday, May 23, 2011


The Mamiffer/House of Low Culture/Merzbow "Lou Lou... in Tokyo" 2xLP is now available via the SIGE webstore. Also available as of today is the CD/DVD version of this same release (Daymare Recordings), the Japanese 2xCD import of "Mare Decendrii" with bonus track and expanded artwork, and the Everlovely Lightningheart cassette recently released on Dead Accents. The "Lou Lou..." 2xLP will be available in stores as of June 21.

"Lou Lou... in Tokyo" (SIGE 007, 2011)
On this recording:
Aaron Turner
Faith Coloccia
Masami Akita
Atsuo (Boris)

Track Listing:
Mamiffer w/Atsuo - This Land
Mamiffer w/Atsuo - Blanket Of Ash
Mamiffer w/Atsuo - Iron Water
Mamiffer w/Atsuo- Lilac
House Of Low Culture w/Merzbow + Atsuo - Mole Man
Mamiffer + House Of Low Culture + Merzbow + Atsuo - Lou Lou

4th side of the 2xLP includes hand etched artwork.
Jackets are letter pressed courtesy of Interrobang.
Also includes printed innersleeves.
Edition of 330 - 80 black, 250 clear.

Friday, May 6, 2011


The long planned/long delayed House of Low Culture/Mamiffer split cassette has finally been produced to coincide with the recent and upcoming Mamiffer/HOLC tour dates. The tape features one new track by each band - HOLC: Perverted Scripture / Mamiffer: Silent Night. The covers were handmade by Faith Coloccia, using the original artwork generated for Mamiffer's most recent album "Mare Decendrii". It has been released by SIGE Records in an edition of 42 copies. The release has been or will be available at recent and upcoming Mamiffer/HOLC live shows, and as of now a few copies remain for mailorder. Go here for more details.

Thank you.