Friday, November 5, 2010

Housing Tracts: FLAC version

after sorting through some technical errors on this end, a FLAC audio version of "Housing Tracts" is now available. "anonymous": this one's for you....


Anonymous said...

Took a while but I've dredged my head from my arse to thank you. Guess I'd better do some purchasing soon hey...

Justin Foley said...

"Guess I'd better do some purchasing soon."


Priceless. Is that what you guess you'd better do soon?

= Justin

nikita said...

Dear Aaron..

I wanted to ask you.. To send me your lyrics from "Way Through Woven Branches" and "The Pliable Foe".. i won't ask you about the "meaning", i won't translate and publish them ever if you won't let. Please.. It's so important for me in this strange times..

I'm not insane. I won't deceive you.

Joe said...

I just wanted to say thanks for putting up a lossless option. There are still a bunch of us audio nerds out there who still buy CD's because the quality blows lossy audio out of the water. Can't wait to get all the other stuff you plan to release!

Aaron B. Turner said...

hey lygn,

here are the lyrics to the songs you were asking about:

"the pliable foe"

carried down yet another ghostly road
of a life already lived and faded
passing yet another broken man
his life in burning iron ruins

his void is the thoughtless wake of others

a damaged eye, bleeding black and blurred

as quick as it came
the face is gone
three more in its place
a war is on

the other rises
shining in his violence

his annihilation
is my aim
no blood is spilled
only smiles from his lips

twist his arms
bend them back, tie his legs in knots
bones should break, instead they bend
to north, to south, to east and west

crushed by my will, our war has bound him down
in shackles of skin and bone
"beat him, bind him, fill his veins with the tranquil lead of night"

"way through woven branches"

he and i seek the silent
pathway through the green

shrouded in the woven
branches of the wood

clutching fallen canes
dead from the living trees
my joy unbound
blood from the past
he and i
on the silent path

this is
the way we know
we go on

dense and narrow
barred by branches
wrought in tangled webs
a seamless tapestry
of leaves

and so it comes to pass
we go our separate ways
solitary course
to a place of rest

crashing through the calm thick green
this is the way, the only way

hard and coarse is the path to
our place of rest

nikita said...

Thank you.
Some lives are so similar to some dreams.
Keep doing what thou wilt!