Friday, March 19, 2010


above: color field/sunset pastels pieces and finished drawings for "wonder" album layout (see previous posts for more info). color fields by f. coloccia. finished layout pieces to be posted soon.

also, update/info on the new twilight album (the band, not the teen vampire propaganda film) here.

listening: final + fear falls burning - collaborative LP, daughters - s/t, ovskum - atto III, black boned angel - new 12" on conspiracy records, lustmord - other dub, etc.


the Sky Collective said...

looking excellent! can't wait to see the finished prodcut :)

Bryan Proteau said...

Looks great! You two work together so well.
Just set this up:

Pictures of Isis and friends live as well as the Catalyst group show.

stoffe said...

god damn you work with sanford parker?!great guy!minsk are awesome!this must have fun