Wednesday, March 31, 2010

KNUT "wonder" finished, etc

above: finished images from the final layout of knut's "wonder" album, CD version (to be released summer 2010 hydra head/conspiracy records). to be printed as full color 6 panel digipak on matte coated stock, no plastic tray.

below: images from previous knut album "terraformer" CD version (2005 hydra head/conspiracy records). printed as 10 panel CD booklet folder and tray card, full color + 2 pantone spot colors (fluorescent orange and metallic silver).

also: tonight at the josephine in ballard, wa - mamiffer, demian johnston, al qaeda, and shining ones.

current supplements: l'acephale "malefeasance", eleh "observations & momentum", joe preston and daniel menche "cerebic doxology", krallice "dimensional bleedthrough", cg jung "the red book", js bach "sandor veress", bill horist - live, etc.


Unknown said...

really cool.

Wojciech Felczak said...

I *love* this artwork, brilliant choice of colours and this "aaronish" feeling in it. Great job.

::Andre:: said...

Kind of unexpected, brilliant work! What about the record? What can you tell us about?

Anonymous said...

wow, love the color combination!

Xose L García said...

The new Knut layout is classy...But for me the "Terraformer" artwork is one of the best you've ever done, Aaron! (My other favourite is Agoraphobic Nosebleed's "PCP Torpedo".


Unknown said...

Hey Aaron
Have you ever heard of the Post metal band The Ocean?

Keeley said...

beautiful artwork as always!

what do you think of the red book? have far along are you in it? I was thinking of buying it but it's very expensive and I haven't read more than 1 Jung book yet. Wanted to get your opinion. Thank you.

Oliver Cartwright said...

Hey Aaron,
This is awesome stuff! Love the atmospherics in the sky and complexities below. Great Work! Also can't wait to get this album defiantly one of my favourite bands!

Ollie Cartwright