Saturday, July 4, 2009


above: various stages of the jodis "secret house" album art... i worked on the drawings and layouts, faith coloccia provided photos.

this one went through a number of versions, so i thought i'd share a few steps along the way. the final versions are now solidified for the CD and LP forthcoming on hydra head, and each differ slightly from each other. there may be a third version as well if the album is released in japan or any other territories outside the US. next up on my to do list are drawings for the US version of the forthcoming boris/torche split CD/10" - a collaborative release between daymare records japan and hydra head records in the us. more on that as info becomes available.

on tour again with isis - this time in europe. one show done, 11 more to go. so far so good.

last but not least, thanks to all the people that posted/emailed their congratulations about the recent engagement between faith coloccia and i. we are both very grateful for your kind words and generous spirits - thank you all!

sustenance on the road: philip k. dick "valis", M.D.G/E, alan moore "league of extraordinary gentlemen: 1910", "mome" vol 11, etc....


Chris Norman said...

so is it a no go on ever getting a poster for those texas shows?

W O R K : said...

Wow - these look really incredible. I am currently working on a couple of projects like this . . .any pointers on getting a nice hand written font looking good?.

(th) said...

the gatefold collage is beautiful. and so is the radiant new record.

honours from ljubljana, and, if i may, some comics suggestions:

thomas ott's 'tales of error'
david b.'s 'epileptic'
anna sommer
and gipi, of course,
notes for a war story,
the innocents.

Radish said...

I love all the stippled shading on these!

Anonymous said...

Looks amazing. Any chance you could tell me what song if any you were going to play after Celestial at the San Francisco show. It looked like you were having technical difficulties, and I just wondered what we missed out on.

Unknown said...

Wonderful. The third image is my new wallpaper.

John said...

Love your work... inspiring.

Arnaud D said...

Thanks a lot for your gig in Cergy yesterday, the songs from wavering radiant rock live !

Hope you enjoy summertime in Europe !

Arnaud D

::Andre:: said...

I can't wait for JODIS, "Continents" is one of the best songs I heard this year..

Clayton said...

Valis is a great read, i need the other two in the series. It's like reading a mind melt down in some parts