Monday, February 13, 2012


Self-Titled Magazine kindly asked me to compile a mix for them, which is now streaming here. The track selection is focused around the feelings and inspiration related to House of Low Culture, though it isn't totally comprehensive. There were a good many things I would have included were the length of the mix limitless (and if I had mp3s of many albums I only have on vinyl)... Lull, Nurse With Wound, Pita, Everlovely Lightningheart, Daniel Menche, James Plotkin (solo and duo work), William Fowler Collins, Loren Connors, Lustmord, Nortt, Coil, Pan Sonic, Earth - all of these (and many more), have had an impact on the music of HOLC, or somehow evoke similar feelings for me with their music. Thanks to ST for hosting this, and I hope anyone who listens will enjoy what they hear and hear something new.


Chris said...

Aaron, what a great mix.. Never in a million years would I have thought I would have listened to if it wasn't for your blog. It really has opened up a whole new realm of music for myself.. Much appreciated!

angel s. said...

I am extremely impressed that the piece that you open the mix is traditional Bulgarian music. This pretty much proves the fact it is way more appreciated everywhere but in our own country where it is just taken for granted and slowly dying.