Friday, February 3, 2012


The Split Cranium debut 7" is now available here, and also from Vacation Vinyl in Los Angeles. More info and a download of the single can be found here. Full length coming next month... Larger versions of the artwork can be viewed here.
Thank you!


Anonymous said...

these punk blasting injections have been saving my day,

this sunday was turning into a long dull procession

Thanks again!!!

davethehostage said...

Turner + Punk/hardcore? Absolutely.

Tõde/Aatom said...

I waited patiently for this... only to be disappointed(its my fault cause im not into punk/hardcore that much).I enjoy your finer work Mr.Turner.New Jodis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

davethehostage said...

If you're not particularly keen on hardcore, it seems strange to say that you "waited patiently" for the new Split Cranium track.