Tuesday, March 2, 2010

wonder progress, oren, etc

further progress on the drawings for the upcoming "wonder" album by knut. drawings made in the the following cities (using pigma micron and pilot hi-tech c pens on some sort of archival quality drawing paper): NZ: auckland - AU: brisbane, sydney, melbourne, adelaide, perth. digital assembly and type to be completed upon return to US. background coloring/painting completed by faith coloccia to be posted soon. past inquiries about layout process and tools have been made, thus i am doing my best to document the progress of this project as it moves along.

below: oren ambarchi playing live in melbourne.


Wojciech Felczak said...

Looking forward for both final result and Knut album.

Lacalca said...

Great labour,
i think that working as you did, changing city, atmosphere, position, surroundings is very satisfing. It's a sort of game/challenge, that one wins; win, for the ability with wich he's gathered and worked out his manifold sides. Like listening to Oren. To me happens also with Wavering radiant

Hi AAron, thanks

TAAS said...


It's a nice work but i'm impatient tolistening music =)

You like the tentacles or roots or maybe the part of Bowel.

With friends we beggining a new adventure with BlastedBlack Records (CD-r label) to unify friends, artists, Poets in the same familly, Your work with HydraHead or the Neurot guys with Neurot ... is a great inspiration in our lifes.
I wish for our passions (your, mine) lot of good times.

Judd Madden said...

Insane detail! Interested to see how the colouring comes in...
Also, just had to shout out, I was at the Corner gig (Melbourne); mesmerised by Oren and blown away - as usual - by ISIS. 'The Tower' floored me.

Homunculus said...

The W detail, including those desiccated snakes (or whatever they are) remember me Robert Crumb's stuff or something.