Monday, November 25, 2013



There are some new things now available in the SIGE shop:

- Barnett + Coloccia "Retrieval" LP/CS
- F. Coloccia - Book 2
- Newly added merch items, photo cards, etc.

You can visit the store here.

In related news, the Barnett + Coloccia debut album is now streaming on Pitchfork here. The project is made up of the duo of Alex Barnett (solo artist, also of Oakeater), and Faith Coloccia (Mamiffer, House of Low Culture, etc.). Randall Dunn mixed the album, and I did a bit of production work/sample manipulation on it as well. The LP version has been released by Blackest Ever Black, and the cassette by SIGE. There's also a video for one of the tracks from the album by Daniel Menche, which you can view here.

Lastly, the Mamiffer & Circle "Enharmonic Intervals..." album is now available digitally here.

Thank you.


Currently enjoying: Hickman "East of West", Black to Comm "Fractal Hair Geometry", Eliane Radigue "Feedback Works 1969-1970", Toru Takemitsu "Minitaur IV", Mesa Ritual - new album, Black Spirituals - new album, Mika Vainio "Kilo", Jochim Nordwall "Soul Music", Merkstave LP, etc... 


Wojciech said...

Thank you for digital edition of Enharmonic Intervals, bought it instantly. Haunted stuff, I love it.

Donovan Friesen said...

Any chance Barnett + Coloccia might be released on CD at some point? The songs I heard were great!