Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Above: photos from the Aaron Turner & Faith Coloccia "Discarnate" dual exhibition. From top to bottom: 1. Turner - wall paintings/cut out paintings on paper/framed collages 2. Turner - painting detail 3. Coloccia - dyed cloth/objects sculpture 4. Coloccia - hanging weaving/sculpture 5. Turner & Coloccia - sound installation/amp pile + paintings by Coloccia.

Thanks to the Hastings Cone Gallery for hosting the exhibition and Joe Preston for the opening night DJ action. For further info/pricing on individual pieces please email sigerecords@hotmail.com. There will be some small editions books related to/from the exhibition available for the SIGE Records store shortly.

Thank you.

Currently enjoying: Daniel Higgs "Metempsychotic Melodies", Gorguts "Colored Sands", Gabriel Saloman "Riots Don't Just Happen", Russian Circles "Memorial",  Lustmord "The Word As Power", Emptyset "Demiurge", Sutekh Hexen "Become", "School Spirits" by Anya Davidson, etc.

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