Saturday, October 22, 2011


Above: Drawings and text treatments for the Utech Records Music Festival/KFJC live 2xCD compilation. The drawings were done at the request of Keith Utech, based off fonts and direction he provided. The comp audio includes live performances from Mamiffer and House of Low Culture with James Plotkin, as well as William Fowler Collins, Horseback, James Plotkin and John Mueller, etc. For more information on this release go here.

Also: The mixing stage of the Mamiffer and Locrian collaboration is now complete. Mastering date is set for Nov 16th. Assuming all goes according to plan we assume this means a Jan/Feb release. The first review for the House of Low Culture "Poisoned Soil" has been posted on Foxy Digitalis. The Old Man Gloom "Christmas Eve I & II + 6 + live in NYC" LP will finally receive an official release in November via Tortuga Recordings. It has been up to now available only in a limited test press edition of 50 copies.


Jens said...

All great news.

Anonymous said...

"The Old Man Gloom "Christmas Eve I & II + 6 + live in NYC" LP will finally receive an official release in November via Tortuga Recordings. It has been up to now available only in a limited test press edition of 50 copies."

Were can I place order? Is "Tortuga Recordings" still alive?

Joãos said...

OMG news, how so very good.

And speaking of OMG: are you guys thinking of doing some new stuff? I remember Faith teasing something a few months back...

Justin Foley said...

Dear Aaron Turner -

I have been trying to figure out how to deal with a problem and maybe you can help.

When I'm putting around the house on the weekend in the cooler weather, I usually like to wear something long sleeved and comfy. Problem is that I have two hoodies that I wear all of the time, both band hoodies. Well, I am sure my family is sick of looking at them so I figure I should get something different this winter.

But I've also shed a bit of weight and I ... well, I'm 37 now and I hate to say it but I'm just less inclined to wear band shirts. Like, I'm much more likely to grab a plain blue t-shirt than the Zeni Geva shirt sitting in the drawer next to it. I think my tastes are changing.

So, while I'm excited to see the HOLC hoodie in your online store in a Medium and appreciate that it's more of a design shirt than an emblazoned band shirt ... I don't know. Am I going to regret getting that thing? I know you're not some evil corporation, but still ... $35 seems like a bit of money to drop on something that I may be avoiding by February.

Can you feel me on this? Help me out here.

= Justin Foley

The Bad Brain Donor said...

I am 15 years old and currently reside in the middle of nowhere. I am a VERY strong music supporter and I have been a huge fan of your artwork and music for 2-3 years.
But since I live in the middle of nowhere, I have to strongly rely on the use of mail order(huge fan of Aquarius) and recently, I've taken a liking to the band Circle. I know that Isis toured with Circle extensively and that you and Faith are both Circle fans as well. I was wondering if I could have your personal opinion on which Circle album i should purchase first. Is there a particular highlight in their discography that you would recommend?

Justin Foley said...

Okay, I'll buy the hoodie.

But I will tell you that this is, like, the worst advice blog ever.

= Justin

Justin Foley said...

Wait a second.

It's only in Large and XLarge? Shit. And it's got worms on it? That would freak my kids the fuck out.


So, do you have any good medium zip hoodie recommendations for me?

= Justin

Aaron B. Turner said...

Dear Justin Foley,

Spending your heard earned dollars on a HOLC hoodie could never be considered a waste from any perspective. You'll be warm, you'll be supporting independent music, you'll be helping out a friend, and you'll be super hip over there in Brooklyn. Please head back over to the shop and buy away.


Aaron B. Turner

Aaron B. Turner said...

Dear Justin,

Fatten up and you'll fit right into that hoodie. You'll need that extra padding for winter anyway. By the way, big hoodies are in right now. That's what I hear anyway.

Aaron B. Turner said...

Hi Evan,

Glad to hear you're getting into Circle. They are one of the best bands on the planet. It's hard to select a highlight from their massive discography, partly because there are so many good albums to choose from, and also because many of them are different from one another. Off the top of my head a few come to mind: Rautatie (more metal/rocking), Forest (more subdued and hypnotic), Sunrise (also on the more rocking end of their spectrum)... I'd go with the first two to get a god grasp on their spectrum of sounds...
Hope that helps.


The Bad Brain Donor said...

Thank you very much, Aaron. I will defiantly check Amazon for them or something.