Thursday, November 3, 2011


Above: drawings for the forthcoming Split Cranium album. Top and bottom sets are mine, middle two by Faith Coloccia.

Listening: Thou "The Archer and the Owle", Surface of the Earth - s/t, Ghast "Terrible Cemetery", Burial Hex "Book of Illusions", Caspar Brötzmann Massaker "Home", Circle "Alotus", Alice Coltarne "A Monastic Trio"...


jhulud said...

Looking forward to this very much.

Oliver Cartwright said...

Hi Aaron,

Interesting drawings, will be looking forward to seeing how these develop.

In the meantime here's something I made for ISIS

Have a good day!

Dilate said...

Hi, we're an art's and culture with a free zine in physical print. Big fans of your work both art and music, hope you don't mind we've featured one of these drawings on our Image Blog ( which we use to promote the publication. Clicking on your image links back to this blog.

If theres any problems feel free to contact us at


The Dilate Team