Monday, April 5, 2010

new drawings 04/2010

above: new drawings for forthcoming isis/melvins split 12" (due out on hhr may 2010).

also - craig dongoski (collaborator in/creator of drawing voices) has a new website containing info on and portions of his multimedia works which you can view here.

listening: virus "the black flux" , horseback "the invisible mountain", blut aus nord "memoria vetusta II", lasse marhaug "beauty without mercy", etc.


Mattias said...

Looks awesome. Will the split be available in the webstore or just on tour?

lacalca said...

Hi Aaron.

This is really sth to be interpreted Freely. The drawings are very beautiful
First thing passed through my mind is a simple concept: the absence of sth certain mixed with the possibility to aim at what we know is there for us, like a passage leading to a state where we would live greatly in.

Good day and regards.

Anonymous said...

Dude. You're such a creative artist in so many respects.

<3 Frontier

Bryan Proteau said...

This looks great so far. I like the 'seaweed' shapes that you started creating on the WR artwork. I'm excited to see Mrs. Turner-Coloccia's coloration.
Even more excited for the split and the upcoming Isis tour!
You guys still owe San Francisco a proper encore.

Anonymous said...

Dude these look like they're straight out of a Rene Laloux film. Actually a lot of your work reminds me of his backgrounds. I love those movies.

For me:
Time Masters > Savage Planet > Gandahar

Why aren't you bringing the Melvins to Ohio?

Paul C. said...

The Black Flux is an awesome record.

Chris Foglia said...

Another amazing work sir!

Ahab said...

I really wish you guys would come to Michigan again.

sasha selipanov said...

Aaron, I think you have been a bit stuck with the same aesthetics for a while now. i assume (have a feeling) there is a particular message you are communicating, but your art work has become a little bit repetitive.

strictly aesthetically speaking, nothing beats your artwork of the oceanic era... panopticon was also very strong but slightly too impersonal (i know this is part of the concept, but oceanic art work is simply more my taste)... the hand drawn work though is in my opinion all a little bit too repetitive... some of the themes in your new sketches remind me of the In The Absence of Truth stuff.

I feel that the complex themes that you are showing at the moment (also noticeable in your recent musical projects) are not as strong and not as unique as some of your more minimalist work of the past. just my own (hopefully humble enough) opinion...

in that respect, i was also wondering, how dogmatic is your work? are you simply following your mood and trying to draw and write whatever seems most fitting to the moment? Or are you conceptually strict, sticking to a particular rule set, trying to explore its limits before moving on to a new aesthetic territory?

Oliver Cartwright said...

I actually really like this current aesthetic I think it is visually inspiring to look at as an artist. Also it seems to embody some sort of progressive nature with all the organic wrappings and textures.
In response to Sasha's comment I think it's good to exhaust a style before progressing onto something else, simply because you can totally understand it's objective. Also to feel that you have finalised one style is a good foundation to build and start another. In your case Aaron I like the way your material went through a photographic stage then progressed onto adapting both illustration and photography. Judging by your work I sense that pure illustration conveys your art in a more personal way. The reason being it's stripped down to the core and what I believe the most vital elements of your style. Another thing I've noticed is the dense collections of drawings seem to come across as if your trying to hide something? Maybe I am wrong but I have noticed this in alot of your work.