Tuesday, July 28, 2009

new drawings: boris/torche split

above: 3 illustrations for the forthcoming boris/torche split ep. the split is to be released in the US on cd/10" vinyl via hydra head records, and on cd in japan by daymare records (with alternate artwork by fangsanalsatan)....

nutritive: aura noir " black thrash attack", extended bed rest, mz.412 "burning the temple of god", tim hecker "an imaginary country", rätto ja lehtisalo "pari lepakkoa transylvaniassa", daughters - new album (holy shit!), local's spicy fries, shane mehling's reviews for decibel, wold "imperator", kreng "l'autopsie phenomenale de dieu", backyard lawn therapy....


Bryan Proteau said...

Wow! Those are incredible! I really like the direction your drawings have been going in.

Anonymous said...

so stoked! more for boris than torche. harvey milk blew them out of the water at the middle east the other night (duh) but i was suprised by torche. regardless here is were you have to listen to another person tell old man gloom to do somthing. blah blah blah. was ready to drive out west to see you fools when the rumored tour was set up or what ever. skateboards.....

Jake said...

Love the stippling, adds a new dimension to the drawings I've seen of yours.

It's difficult to see how big the drawings are, but they look like they might be larger than the work you normally post on here.

I love watching your work in this format because I get to see it as a sketch, and then in it's applied form as a CD booklet or much larger as a vinyl release. Love the transformative process.

sasha selipanov said...

Great stuff Aaron, your art is always an inspiration.

i have a question: is it possible to find oceanic and panopticon cover art in high resolution? I tried scanning in the cd covers but as expected, the quality is not good.

I would like to print both of these covers as posters, roughly 1m by 1m size... simply wanted to hang them up in my apartment. definitely not for any kind of commercial use, strictly private.

thanks in advance to whoever can help.

p.s. on another subject:

i was watching some of the early isis live videos (including the stuff from the clearing the eye dvd) and comparing it to the more recent stuff from the Wavering Radiant tour...
Its amazing how much the whole band changed! way more polished and clean. even your on stage personality has matured.. less badass more post rock nerd :)
i wonder if in the future you will feel the need to make isis slightly dirtier and more violent again... it would be almost impossible to go even cleaner than what you guys are doing at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Hello !
Just a question : do you know the Swedish artist Denis Stéen ? I was in Stockholm last month and some of his works were used as advertisement in the subway. He basically uses black and white stripes / streams in both abstrait or descriptive drawings... You can have an overview here : http://www.xylon-international.org/fr/xylon14/catalogue/xylon14_118.shtml
I took also a picture of his work in the subway, and this one really made me think of the wavering radiant art. I like both of the works :-)
And by the way : congratulations for the last isis album, i am now waiting to hear Greymachine !!
Pilou, France

_Lilian_ said...

Isis,PLEASE,come to Ukraine!
It will be really great to listen to new songs from "Wavering Radiant"!

Anonymous said...

Excellent work!
Glad to hear Isis are coming to Australia. Didn't believe it when I was told you guys were playing Soundwave, but it will definitely make my year to see you guys and Baroness.
So basically, congrats and thank you for being amazing!

Unknown said...

Are these the same sketches for your idea you posted on 03/27/2009? The same type of drawing is being applied, but I'm having a tough time finding any distinct resemblences.

If not, are you able to divulge any information about said secret release yet? I know you usually don't respond to your comments, but you should have my e-mail address if you feel so inclined.