Tuesday, December 30, 2008


from top to bottom:

-pancake - new addition to the clan as of xmas 2008
-isis in the studio - contemplating snacks while "listening" to mixes
-isis in the studio - the reliable series of masks
-isis in the studio - maintenance
-isis in the studio - aaron harris hitting some things
(isis studio photos: faith coloccia)

someone asked about a title for the new isis song that we "debuted" in our live set on our recent trip to europe. since there are already some lo-fi videos of this on youtube i figured we could share the title: "20 minutes/40 years". so that's that. i'll spill more as the time gets closer. all tracking is finished at this point, 6 or the 8 songs are mixed. closing in on it. artwork to commence shortly.

holiday cheer: pancake + robot + orange, xasthur "all reflections drained", krallice s/t, cat power "jukebox", desert christmas, T.R. vs the GZA, TJ's chocolate covered peppermint jo jo's, the golden noose around my neck, lustmord "other", boris "smile", james hollis "under saturn's shadow", dreams of flight, yoga songs from split with ghäst, etc.


Unknown said...

Love the new hair Aaron!

Oh, and go and do a co-headlining tour of Europe with Mastodon. I'd just kill myself after seeing that, knowing my life could never get any better.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your answer about that song!
Very... ? title ;)
makes me thing of ? ages.
"guten rutsch" as we say in germany

btw: first! yeah

Chris said...

Nice cat! Our new-ish cat managed to tear up his paw yesterday so the bigger cat in the house has been tormenting him relentlessly.

Sweet pedals, too, and I can't wait to hear the new album!

Anonymous said...

I think you need some more pedals.

Wayne said...

Can't wait to hear the new shit! Have a very happy new year, Aaron! We'll see ya next time you make it to chicago...

Anonymous said...

I see you've listed OTHER, which is a great album. On to something linked; do you ever listen to your own albums for enjoyment? (I know you only have a small spot on Lusty).

Anonymous said...

Aaron, - all the best to you in 09. Loads of creativity and artistic freedom. I wish to see you in Wroclaw again - this time to have a drink and a nice talk maybe.


BTW - a New Year eyecandy:


Anonymous said...

New Stuff sounds incredible (even in their rough recorded states). Seems like a kickass combination of all ISIS past records elements.

Anticipation abounds.

jhulud said...

Updates are welcomed as always. Thanks for sharing Aaron. May 2009 bring you and the band A LOT of prosperity!

Unknown said...

Looking forward to the new album.
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

happy new year. the new song sounds fantastic

Anonymous said...

Wish you a happy new year.

And for me, i wish

- the new ISIS Album as soon as possible,
- a "Live VI" with tracks from "In The Absence of Truth" and from This New Album,
- a new tour in Europe with a date in Paris ...

Sentynel said...

New track sounds great, as far as I can make out from youtube camera phone videos anyway - have you considered putting some decent recordings up? Youtube is a fantastic resource for discovering new music, but picking through the ocean of crap camera phone videos to find something you can actually hear is a pain. It was a decent video of you playing Wrists of Kings that made me buy In the Absence of Truth (my first Isis album) in the first place.

Missed your show in Oxford before christmas, which I was really pissed off about - I was so busy with uni stuff that by the time I found out about it, I'd already made arrangements for when it was on. I've promised myself to keep a better eye on band websites/last.fm/etc in future so I don't do that again..

While I think about it, quick question - as a dabbling guitarist and physicist, I can't think of any particular reason why you couldn't put effects pedals in parallel and get some very strange effects - does anybody do this, or is there some huge technical problem I'm missing?

Final thoughts: very much looking forward to the next album (could well be the first album ever I buy on release day), and yay cats!

Anonymous said...

Hey Aaron, happy new year!

The new song was great at the gig at scala, thanks for the info on the title.

I'm looking forward to hearing more...



Anonymous said...

Very much so looking forward to the new album. The first half of the song reminds me of something off of Oceanic, and the second half reminds me of Panopticon. Definitely in my top anticipated albums of 09.

Milla said...

Oh I like the cat! Cats always bring good fortune.

I like the title of the new song -and in fact when you played it in London I was completely mesmerised (we all were, it seems to me).

Unknown said...

Does anybody know what label the wax version will be released on? It's usually Escape Artist or Robotic Empire or something, and if it's going to be a limited release, I would like to have all of the information I can so that I don't have to pay some shithead on ebay $$$$$ all because I was a couple of days late on a pre-order that only lasted for a day or two.

Aaron? Got any details?



Ahab said...

What a cute cat, I had to give mine away. I wasn't too happy. Good luck in the studio.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?