Friday, January 2, 2009


i have a whole list of records i'm looking for, but there are 2 in particular that i'm on the hunt for at the moment:

1. swans "anonymous bodies in an empty room" LP (pictured above)
2. neil young "dead man" soundtrack 2xLP

i have just about every isis, old man gloom, hydra head, lotus eaters, house of low culture LP, 2xLP, test, press, CD, + CDR available for trade (with only a couple exceptions), so if you have either of the above listed LPs, or can obtain them for me i will happily trade - just leave a comment with what you want in trade and a contact address and we'll work it out. thank you.


macumbista said...

Hey Aaron... well I've got "anonymous bodies in an empty room" but it's one of the dozen discs out of 100 or more that I kept when I sold everything to move to Europe. Be happy to run off a CD for you, but I'd rather keep this as one of my few treasures. Good luck from Berlin! D.

Anonymous said...

I need HOLC - HOLLYWOOD SQUALLS.. where can I get it? I'm not able to get for the US shows, BCD is not selling them. Argh!

contact me please: siwo(at)

Krzysiek from Cracow

Anonymous said...

CD - but thought it worth posting. I'm sure you could find it cheaper...

Anonymous said...

found neil youngs dead man on
20 euros and 4 days left. this is going to be expensive man.
but i'll hang in for you

Anonymous said...

Hi man, you can get the Swans album at for 44 euros + shipping. If you want I can get it and then trade, or you can buy it directly if shipping is reasonable.

Hope you get both records, good luck.

Anonymous said...

Ok 80 euros have been a bigger fish for me than i thought. so maybe u get the LP from the winner of the auction. maybe not. i found this. here. and dont think i'm a bad person. i talked to you in hamburg. so i cant be a bad person.
Pass: Rock-With-Izzy666

just trying to help.
but i heard the main theme isnt on the LP/CD ...................
good night

Ally1987 said...

Hi. I do not have any of the albums you're looking for but I was wondering if you sell a few albums? I'm missing some live CD's of Isis in my collection, and I have looking for them for a long time now, but I can't only fint them over-priced on ebay and that I can not afford to(sorry). Please help a Isis-collector out man. Hope to hear from you.

Ally1987 said...
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Anonymous said...

Not to rain on the parade, but I think Mr.Turner, like most people who have the class to listen to Swans on vinyl, probably wants to actually own the record and not the CD or a rip of it. Just putting that out there...

Anonymous said...

ah. andrew.
nice u put that out here.
but actually, he wants those records in vinyl.

Anonymous said...

hey aaron,
i'm a huuuge botch fan, saw them play a couple of times those days and really try to complete my collection for years now... please help me out! i'm looking for certain tests. ... if you find some time, please get in touch at skunky(at)

thanks a lot...

martin from germany

Anonymous said...

Hydra Head should rerelease the Miltown records. that's about all i have to say. NY Dead Man would be cool to have on vinyl though... too rich for my blood.

Anonymous said...

chinatown squall* jerk.

Anonymous said...

hey aaron,
martin from germany again. i was wondering if you're still looking for that neil young - Dead man Record, cause i really got one copy.
get in touch: skunky(at)
pretty sure you can help me out with my botch situation and we possibly can make some certain trades.
hope to hear from you

martin said...

i'm desperate and this seems to be the only way to contact you. Botch has some really deep emotional impact in me and i want the Nervoso and Romans Test Press more than anything on this planet.
i contacted several persons like Nis or Brian a million times, but noone could help me out or was willing to sell me their copy yet.
is there any little chance for this german botch freak to get his collection complete? please, mr. turner, sell me those tests...i would really really appreciate this.
let me know,
thx a ton,
martin from germany

Eibon said...

hey there,
coming real late after the battle.
I've got the Swans record. Don't know if you're still interested

Anonymous said...

Hey, could you possibly upload the Swans record? I can't find it anywhere.


Armando L. said...

Hi Aaron,
I just happened to read your entry about you wanting to trade records. I have found the dead man sountrack double LP on ebay-germany. Do you still want it? If you do, I'd be happy to buy it and trade it with you. The auction goes 'till tomorrow evening. Write me if your interested.