Wednesday, June 4, 2014


There is a new SIGE Records feature up over at Impose Magazine. You can read/view/hear it here. It includes SIGE artist tracks and videos, photos, and some background info/philosophy on the label.

Relatedly: new SIGE titles are just out or on the way. The Daniel Menche/William Fowler Collins  and Mesa Ritual LPs are available in the SIGE webshop and digital store. Cassette versions of both are just about done as well. Jon Mueller's Death Blues "Non-ficiton" LP is in and will start shipping shortly. Digital of that will be available next week.

And: two new-ish Mamifer tracks are now available digitally on the SIGE bandcamp page - you can check those out here. Both are from the recent cassette split with House of Low Culture.

Thank you.

Recently enjoying: Paul Jebanasam "RITES", Death "The Sound of Perseverance", Black Spirituals - rehearsal recordings, Death Blues "Non-fiction", Hot Victory - live, "Woman Rebel" Pater Bagge, Godflesh "Decline and Fall", Fugazi "In on the Kill Taker", etc.

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cinnabunn said...

Re: Sige interview/feature:

So happy you have shed the skin of the Hydra, so to speak, which I know had to be an extremely tough ordeal for you and push ahead with Sige, and just keep on chugging along as the creative force that you are. And to have your label partner also be a creative partner and an actual partner must be just icing on the cake. I only met Faith at the HH office for a brief second, but it's just real fucking cool how you two work together.

And I was unaware of the origin/significance of the name/archetype of "Sige" itself...those Jung seeds got planted deep in you bc of 'Wavering Radiant', huh? Your postings/interview for that record lead me deep down that rabbit hole...a library trip for Jung writings bc of Isis, and on the same trip, "accidentally" on the same isle as the Jung material, I find Blavatsky's 'Isis Unveiled' and those two things completely changed my perspective of Universe. Isis to Jung to Isis's that for synchronicity?

Anyways, sorry for the rant. Just pleased to see you continue to persevere and create.