Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Above: front and back cover art for the Daniel Menche/William Fowler Collins split LP, and a new t-shirt design using the same source images - all for/from SIGE Records. The artwork and design for these projects were a collaborative effort with Faith Coloccia.

Both the Menche/Collins split LP and the SIGE t-shirt are now available for order in the SIGE webshop, along with the new full length by Mesa Ritual (which also includes William Fowler Collins alongside Raven Chacon). You can order here and listen here.

Thank you.

Recently enjoying: Cut Hands - live, Godflesh - live, Circle - live, Trepaneringsritualen - live, Oathbreaker - live, Teitanblood "Death",  Alice Coltrane "Lord of Lords", Killing Sound s/t, Pitreleh - s/t, Horseback "Piedmont Apocrypha", Grouper "The Man Who Died in His Boat", Thomas Pynchon "Gravity's Rainbow", etc

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