Thursday, January 17, 2013


Above: LP jacket for the reissue of the second House of Low Culture album, "Edward's Lament". The cover is an adaptation of the original, and new hand lettering for the back cover was created by Faith Coloccia. The album was originally issued by Neurot Recordings on CD in 2003, Misanthropic Agenda have been kind enough to agree to a new vinyl edition, coincidentally coinciding the 10 year anniversary of the first release. Exact release date isn't available at the moment, but more info will be posted on that as it becomes available.

Currently enjoying: Kreng "Monkey", Kuxan Summ - s/t, JK Huysmans "Là Bas", Bell Witch "Longing", Wreck and Reference "No Youth", Aura Noir "Out to Die", Arvo Pärt "Te Deum", Neil Gaiman "Absolute Sandman Vol I", etc.

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