Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Three new SIGE titles are available for order as of now via the SIGE webstore. They are as follows:

Mamiffer/Pyramids - split cassette - SIGE 017. A thirty five minute split from Mamiffer and Pyramids. Oversized tape box with custom packaging and a 28 page hand-sewn art booklet byFaith Coloccia. Edition of 100 copies. 

Jodis "Secret House/Black Curtain" 2 x cassette - SIGE 018. Both full length albums from Jodis, each on it's own cassette. Oversized hand painted tape box with custom packaging and a 28 page hand-sewn art booklet by Faith Coloccia. Edition of 75 copies. 

Menace Ruine "Alight in Ashes" 2 x LP - SIGE 016. The new full length from Menace Ruine. First pressing of 370 copies, housed in 3 color heavyweight screen printed jackets, with 2 color screen printed inserts and 2 colors of vinyl (black and red/black swirl). 

Mamiffer/Menace Ruine tour still underway. Thanks to all who have come and made this an enjoyable experience thus far. Looking forward to the rest!


Enri said...

I was lucky enough to purchase both cassette-editions (+ the Mamiffer-debut) at your Dachstock-show in Bern; the handsewn booklets look really nice, and it must have been a lot of work to put this all together!

Good luck on the second half of your tour!

Oliver said...

Thanks Aaron, for everything you have done for music.


S Stott said...

aren't u supposed to be bankrupt and paying bills ??

Aaron B. Turner said...

Glad to hear from those of you that are enjoying the new SIGE stuff - we're excited as well! We've got some good surprises for 2013 in the works currently. for the comment about bankruptcy: Hydra Head and SIGE aren't the same thing. They are separate business run by different sets of people. I am the common link between the two, but other than that they are not, (fortunately for the sake of SIGE's ability to function), bound to the same fate due to financial ties.