Tuesday, June 26, 2012


The Old Man Gloom album "NO" is out today via Hydra Head Records (US & Europe) and Daymare Recordings (Japan). It is streaming courtesy of Self Titled mag here. (Cat/Gloom photograph courtesy of Santos Montaño).

Also, percussionist extraordinaire Jon Mueller has interviewed Mamiffer and Locrian, the results of which are now viewable courtesy of NPR. Go here for further reading.

Lastly, the next Jodis album "Black Curtain" will be released September 4th via Hydra Head Records.

Thank you.

The summer din: Daniel Menche - live, Martyrdöd - live, JK Flesh "Posthuman", Odz Manouk - s/t, Oren Ambarchi - live, KTL "V", Pete Swanson "Man With Potential", etc....


Chris said...

Great interview, thanks for posting Aaron. On another note, disappointed I wasn't able to grab a copy of "No" before it sold out!

Robert said...

ooh I'm very much looking forward for new Jodis, thanks for the good news!

Unknown said...

streaming NO fried my hard drive, who do I sue?