Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Above: images from the LP layout for the Old Man Gloom album "NO".

The drawings made for this are based on original monographs by Faith Coloccia. I made collages from that set of drawings with added textures from various sources. Faith created the type treatments and assisted with the design as well. The LP version is a regular/non-gatefold jacket, with an oversized 11" x 11" booklet, all on uncoated stock. The tour version of the LP substituted a xerox insert in place of the booklet, and had hand stamped labels as well. The "official" release date for the regular LP as well as the CD and cassette is June 26th via Hydra Head Records. Pre-order for that is up now.

Also - massive gratitude to everyone who attended and played the recent Old Man Gloom shows on the East Coast. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and appreciate everyone who helped make the tour possible. Thank you.


davethehostage said...

The liner notes reference "Mike McKenzie". That wouldn't happen to be Mike from the Red Chord, would it?

Anonymous said...


it will distract me from everything.

Want to give a general music advice: Fabio Orsi -"The New Year Is Over" -


nadie* said...

Hi, Aaron. Your work, almost everything on it, it's amazing. i'm a big fan, and i really want to thank u and faith for sharing your art. i loved your mamiffer project, and also, other works and bands. i¿m stuck on yours and faith coloccia's art. as a designer i really look up at you both. the only thing i just don't like is the fact that it's hard to purchase any of your stuff, specially, records and tees, 'cuz the international shipping it's more expensive than the product. but, stop complaining, soon i'll travel to the US on holidays, and for sure, i'll look for a mamiffer tee, an isis tee, an old man gloom tee, and some other t shirts from hydra head, and some cds, of course! well, sorry for the fan-attack, i'm just a lil' bit excited by your post and drawings. hope ur projects will continue being succesful and excuse me for my bad english too. greetings from méxico.

Night Goat said...

Hell of a time man! Definitely worth the trek all the way from Texas up to Virginia to see you guys, yall fuckin killed it! So stoked you guys resumed the gloom!

Cheers from South Texas, Aaron, bring the gloom down to the desert next time!


Aaron B. Turner said...

Yes, the "Mike McKenzie" referred to in the liner notes is the same Mike from the Red Chord.

Juanbrujox said...

Shuddering Earth is like... one of the most cathartic songs I've ever heard.. This whole album is glorious