Monday, June 27, 2011

HoLC/Mamiffer - tape II

SIGE 10 - House of Low Culture/Mamiffer - split cassette #2
"Spoiled Fruits of the Kingdom (demo)/Cloey"

Made for the Mamiffer/HoLC US tour. Edition of 32. Package contains 1 tape cassette, 1 hand bound booklet. Further info:

Track 1 - House of Low Culture "Spoiled fruits of the Kingdom" (demo)
Track 2 - Mamiffer "Cloey"

HoLC on this recording: Aaron Turner, Faith Coloccia.
Mamiffer on this recording: Faith Coloccia, Alex Barnett, Aaron Turner, Travis Rommereim.

Art and packaging by F. Coloccia.

For ordering info please visit SIGE Records.


The Bad Brain Donor said...

Hey Aaron
I know you're a very busy man. But, i was just wondering if there's any chance that the collaboration between Isis and Tim Hecker are still happening?
i think that would be quite the transcendental experience to say the least.

The Bad Brain Donor said...

The release of recorded material, that is.