Tuesday, March 1, 2011


This April Mamiffer will be heading to Europe to play some shows. The new record "Mare Decendrii" will have just come out a couple weeks prior, so the timing seems about right for such an adventure. To add to our excitement about the tour, we're also fortunate enough to be playing some shows with Black Math Horseman, Pharaoh Overlord, Ulver, Master Musicians of Bukkake, House of Low Culture, as well as participating in the Sunno))) curated Roadburn festival. Tour dates are as follows:

04/09 Leipzig, Germany w/Black Math Horseman
04/10 Dresden, Germany w/Black Math Horseman
04/11 Jena, Germany w/Black Math Horseman
04/12 Berlin, Germany w/House of Low Culture
04/13 Hamburg, Germany w/Black Math Horseman
04/14 Duisburg, Germany w/Black Math Horseman
04/15 Tilburg, Holland, Roadburn Festival
04/16 Koln, Germany w/House of Low Culture
04/17 Kortrijk, Belgium w/Master Musicians
04/18 Paris, France w/Master Musicians
04/19 Turku, Finland w/Pharaoh Overlord
04/20 Tampere, Finland w/Pharaoh Overlord
04/21 Helsinki, Finland w/Ulver


Anonymous said...

I shouldn't complaine (i've seen you before; Malmø 2009) but i'm slightly dissapointed by the absence of Scandinavia besides Finland and especially when you got the most of the crew from Mare joining (Fantastic line-up)! - but anyway, looking forward to "Mare Decendrii".

James Barber said...

What Europe tour but no stops in England?

One day I hope to get to one of your concerts. One day...

Lather said...

Holy crap we would love to see that in the asshole--I mean crossroads of America! We suffer from ineffable neglect. What would it take? The promise of a great supper and burnt offerings?

I do often forget we were graced by ELLH a couple years ago.

Night Goat said...

Thats fucking awesome news! Holy shit! I cant even believe that! Why cant you guys be playing SXSW?!! I would fucking love to see that. I havent seen Mare since SXSW 05 and what a great return this would be, plus Ive never been able to see Mamiffer, win win! C'mon Aaron show the South some love! I wish I could fly over to Europe and check one of these shows out... And you guys get to play with Ulver... So sick, best of luck!

Unknown said...

A west coast tour would be fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Really would have wanted to See you in Estonia.! Hoping to see you one day.! Have a nice one touring in Europe.