Saturday, September 25, 2010


above + below: drawings from the old man gloom "christmas" album.

the album these drawings are pulled from is a few years old now, but it remains one of the most engaging projects i have been involved with both musically and visually and thusly shared here. will the gloom rise again?

the good stuff: rst "the sunset limited", the knife "tomorrow in a year", hellblazer "son of man", kode 9 + the space ape "curious b/w portal", philip k dick "flow my tears, the policeman said", dead reptile shrine "isth narai ja", the human quena orchestra "a natural history of failure", helms alee - live...


Night Goat said...

AWWW SHIT! I'd die a happy man if I could hear Zozobra and/or Christmas Eve live in it's entirety. RESUME THE GLOOM!

B A S T A R D I S E R said...

absolutely adore the christmas artwork, so thankyou for sharing these! a resumption of the gloom would be most welcomed aswell!

- rory

Anonymous said...

"O"H "M"Y! "G"OOD, OMG! Your best project so far... Please rise and please come to europe!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I wear my Old Man Gloom hoodie around town secretly hoping that some girl will recognize it so I can propose to her on the spot.

The world needs more Gloom. Rise!

Alex said...

Always loved these pictures. Though seeing them like this without the photographic background is strange. I liked how I couldnt really tell what they were or what was going on in the finished article. Quite cool, like the reverse of when you draw and you cant tell what it is till it's finished.
Also nice to see someone else digs that new Knife record. "urrggg it's too weird.." seems to be the usual concensus i've encountered.

planningforburial said...

i remember going to the record store to buy this instead of fleeing from a massive hurricane when i lived in florida. one of my all time favorite albums.

Nick said...

Thanks for sharing this artwork Aaron. It was the first OMG record I bought back in 2008 and now that I got them all, I definitely need a new one!
How about doing at least a mini-cd like 'christmas eve I and II + 6' with some new OMG-stuff?


Joãos said...

OMG are, without a doubt, one of my favorite bands, it's just too good.

Really happy to know that you found it so engaging.

Hope to have an opportunity to see you guys live someday, even though I live in a tiny little european country, and OMG gigs were VERY rare even in the USA, as far as I know.

So, yeah, let there be Gloom! We need it